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BY Emad and Almess Botros | January 9, 2023 | min read

BY Emad and Almess Botros|January 9, 2023

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Family News

Greetings from Lebanon to our dear friends during this Christmas season. Our family wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As we reflect on this past year, we express our gratitude to God for various reasons:

Nathaniel: I am grateful for my parents, who brought me to such a beautiful country, Lebanon.

Timothy: I am grateful that out of all the families out there, God chose us to come and serve in Lebanon.

Almess: I am grateful for the safety of my family, despite all the challenges surrounding us.

Emad: I am grateful for all of you, our friends and family, for being part of our lives for many years now. Indeed, our journey in life would have been different without your continuous prayers for us.

Indeed, God’s blessings over our lives and ministry are countless.

As a family, we travelled to many places during the second half of this year for family and ministry purposes: Cyprus, Egypt, Sudan, USA, and Canada. Our trip to Canada was a bit short after being away for almost 5 years, but it was mainly for family reasons, which was to explore some university options for Timothy for next year. Right now, he is interested in International Development at one of the universities in Hamilton, Ontario. We will start the process in January, and we really appreciate your prayers for such a major step in his life. May God guide and lead his life to be fruitful and pleasing to Him.

Nathaniel is progressing well at school and in building more friendships here in Lebanon. Lately, he feels safe to go out with friends alone, which makes his life more enjoyable and relaxing. We are glad to see Nathaniel enjoying life here in Lebanon. He and Almess love baking, and both are very creative. So, Nathaniel came up with the idea of having his own “little business” of making and selling cookies and calling it “NUNU BITES”! NUNU means “little boy” in Arabic, which is his nickname. This coming week, he will participate in the Christmas Village at our church where he will be sharing his yummy cookies with others!

Almess and I are doing fine. Some days we feel exhausted, while others we are grateful to God for what he is doing in and through our family. Of course, the whole process of thinking about Timothy’s university next year, and what we shall do about it as a family, has been taking much of our time and energy. Also, as the political and economic crises continue here in Lebanon, challenges arise from time to time. We really appreciate your prayers for God’s strength, power, and peace for us as a couple. Lebanon also needs your continuous prayers: May our almighty God breathe life into this country; May his light shine out of darkness.

CBM Expansion in the Region

Throughout this year, CBM has been exploring some new partnership initiatives in the Region. This process of discernment has focused on two main countries: Egypt and Sudan. CBM MENA Team (Middle East and North Africa) and the Director of Partnership, John Chan, made a trip to both countries last October. We met with leaders from the Baptist Conventions of both countries. We have learned a lot from them, and it was encouraging to see how faithful the Church is in its ministry despite all the challenges they face on a daily basis. It was also encouraging to see the level of maturity among these leaders.

CBM is eager to walk alongside both Conventions in the coming years and to support their work in the areas of pastoral care, leadership development, church growth, and institutional capacity development. For this coming year, we are hoping to provide pastoral care for pastors’ wives through one or two retreats/year, a family retreat for pastors and their families, developing a discipleship curriculum on faith and public life, cultivating and nurturing women’s lives (e.g., education, training on small business, caring for the family, etc.), cultivating and nurturing youth’s lives (e.g., developing a community centre to serve the needs of youth). Please pray for those who will participate in these events, that they will grow in their knowledge of God and experience His presence daily.

As CBM moves in this direction, Emad will spend some of his time traveling to help develop these new initiatives with our local partners in additional to his teaching responsibilities at ABTS. This is indeed very exciting, but it requires different kinds of skills and some adjustment. Please pray for CBM, the MENA Team, and our local partners in these countries. May God unite us together in serving a very unique group of people in both countries.

New Bachelor of Theology Students on Campus

More than two years after the pandemic forced us to close our classrooms, students from several Arab countries came together for an in-person residency at ABTS! During this induction period (October 3-12) we heard them share about their passion for God’s work. As we listened to each of their testimonies during morning chapels, we could see that God’s fingerprints were evident in each of their lives and ministries.

Their personal testimonies are always a highlight for us. They remind us of God’s continuous work in our region and how He is growing His Church within difficult contexts. They also remind us of how God leaves the 99 for the one, and at the same time, how He welcomes 3,000 into His Church in one day; how He mends one broken heart, but also opens the sea to save a multitude of people. They remind us that He is the same God today, whose calling they have obeyed.

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Looking forward to our journey together in 2023!

The Botros Family

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