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BY joe.bridi | September 27, 2022 | min read

BY joe.bridi|September 27, 2022

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Greetings from Lebanon

Thank you for following my news. In this newsletter, you can read about a couple of highlights from the ministry in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) through graduates from the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS).


Last April we visited Sudan, this trip aimed to spend time with our partners after the disruption in travel caused by the pandemic. It was important for us to be there to encourage them and show them our support. It was also a good time to evaluate the projects we supported in 2021 and talk about their plans for 2022 trying to figure out how we, at CBM, can offer meaningful and strategic support to the ministry of the Church in Sudan.

We met with Pastor Philemon Hassan, ABTS graduate, and president of the Baptist Convention, as well as with the leadership team, and have found that CBM could have a major role in providing and supporting training in the areas of leadership development, discipleship, church administration, team building, and financial sustainability, for churches and ministry leaders. Assisting churches in their efforts for church planting, community development, and relief. Supporting efforts for reconciliation and peacebuilding among different churches, encouraging them to partner together towards an effective ministry in Sudan.

We also met with some of the graduates of ABTS in Khartoum and heard about their different ministries and the challenges they face. One of the goals of this trip was to explore the possibility of starting a partnership between CBM and the Baptist Convention
in Khartoum.


This year we are supporting a livelihood project led by ABTS graduates in Morocco. The idea behind this initiative is to train eight ladies in producing decorative items that can be sold. All proceeds would eventually be equally divided among the ladies working on the project. The importance of this project is that it empowers these ladies by teaching them a new skill and allowing them to support their families. The first phase of the project started past April, ladies have received skills training on producing the decorative items and have started the work.

The ladies have been meeting once or sometimes twice a week to work all together, enjoy a time of fellowship, and study the Bible together. This has helped them grow spiritually and feel empowered and gain some sense of dignity as they feel productive and discover that they could contribute to the finances of their households. As this project grows, more ladies from outside the church community would join which will eventually lead to sharing the gospel with them. In addition, ladies from churches in other areas have heard about the project and expressed their interest in starting something similar. ABTS graduate, Salima*who leads the initiative, said recently: “the importance of this project is that it helps these ladies no longer feel like second-class citizens, instead they have gained a sense of self-confidence and self-worth.”

Family News

We are thankful for God’s peace and blessings, despite all the challenges we face daily in Lebanon, we can testify of God’s goodness and provisions. We have enjoyed a great summer as a family and were able to spend a great time with our boys. On July 25 Alexy and the boys had a big accident, and although the car was totally damaged God kept them safe and had no injuries. We are thankful for God’s care.

We celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this year and are thankful for the amazing family God has blessed us with. We have experienced God’s guidance and are looking forward to experiencing Him in new ways.

Prayer Requests

We ask you to join with us in prayer:

  • For the boys as they prepare to go back to school this month.
  • For a new car, as we’ve lost ours due to the accident.
  • For our country as we are facing an unprecedented economic crisis.
  • For my travels to Egypt, Sudan, and hopefully Canada during the months of October and November.

We are thankful for your support!

Partner with CBM

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing prayer, encouragement, and support. Thank you for taking part in what God is doing in our region. If you wish to become a partner with my ministry, the MENA ministry, or with any other CBM ministry, please contact Barb Keys for more information. Your partnership is key for the sustainability and growth of the ministry.

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*Names were changed for security reasons.

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