It came to the attention of  CBM’s partner  in Rwanda – the Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda (AEBR) that for various reasons, there was a serious lack of younger leaders in the denomination. As the youth are the hope of the future, CBM and AEBR worked together to put a plan into action to address this concern and the Emerging Leaders Initiative (ELI) was born. The search began for twenty individuals between the ages of 25-40 who were already involved in leadership in their respective churches and whose lives demonstrated commitment and integrity. Through the selection process, seven women and 13 men were chosen from throughout the nation and ELI members have since met twice this year, with day and a half seminars focused on biblical understanding of leadership skills and character. Some topic focuses were: Servant Leadership, The Relationally Smart Leader, God’s Call and Gifts for Leaders, The Heart of a Leader and Crucial Conversations, The Leadership of Jesus, The Strategic Leader, Passion for the Local Church and Integral Mission. A special session saw AEBR Legal Representative/Executive Director Rev. Emmanuel talk about the future of the denomination. The Bustins share, “It is encouraging to see the enthusiasm in these men and women as they learn and grow together. It is also exciting to hear how they are trying to use what they are learning in their various ministries. The good news is that we will be able to carry on with ELI into 2020 as we continue to meet with these 20 emerging leaders. The goal is that, through this effort, there will be a pool of capable women and men who will be able to step into important leadership roles in the AEBR now and in the future.” This is where your generosity becomes a blessing as we build the church in Rwanda and in other nations. Visit to grow God’s kingdom.