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At CBM, we are working together differently these days as everyone is adjusting to a new reality. Alongside our international partners, we continue to provide assistance to those in the margins through the local church.

In this video, Team Lead for Church Engagement Adrian Gardners walks through the content and shares how this resource might be helpful to you and your church.


Use these recordings of CBM leaders exhorting the Word in place of your regular sermon. Each set of resources comes with a reflection (20+ mins) and a set of scripture readings for you to use in your service.

The Kingdom of God is like a Mustard Seed

by Terry Smith Executive Director

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Jesus Clears Out the Temple

by Cheryl Bear

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The Sayings of King Lemuel

by Randy Stanton

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These prayers were shared by our staff. You can hold them in prayer as a congregation during service using the downloadable video. 

Our heavenly Father I come to thy presence with a thankful heart for your grace, protection, guidance, and blessings during this difficult time. I praise you and adore you Lord for laying down your life, showing your love on the cross, forgiving my sins, and offering salvation. Though I am unworthy, you have chosen me and accepted me as your child, and I thank you for the assurance of eternal life. Let your name be glorified through my life and the work that I do. Give me your compassionate heart  to serve the people and to seek your continuous protection and guidance as I share your love with others in my daily life.

Today, I pray for the ministry in India and the world. Let your light shine on the whole world and make the people know that you are the only one God who can save us from our sins. I pray for the partners who are ministering in rural areas and in difficult situations. Grant them wisdom, protection and provision for all their needs. I pray for the churches in Canada – for their prayers and financial support – for spreading the gospel and establishing the kingdom of God in India.

I pray for the people who are suffering from COVID-19 throughout the world. Lord touch them and heal them so that they may know that you are the true God. I pray for those who lost their family members and friends. Give them hope and comfort them in their sorrow and pain.

I pray for the frontline workers who serve the COVID-19 patients. Please give them strength, good health, and protect them from the virus.

I also pray for the youth whose dreams may have been shattered and are experiencing depression due to losing their jobs and/or educational opportunities. Give them hope and faith.

I pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit as I preach in different churches. May the Spirit work in all the minds and hearts of those who hear the word of God.

Whatever difficult situations may arise, let me not fall into temptation and slip from my faithful life. Give me the grace to follow you in all situations. Grant me travel mercies as I visit partners and churches. Finally, I seek your blessings on me and my family. I ask all these things in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.


CP Raju


You see that Lebanon has been in a lot of turmoil recently. The refugee crisis resulting from the war in Syria has had an effect on Lebanon for the last 10 years. Mid last year we started experiencing an economic downfall, followed by political and social unrest last October. These circumstances brought a lot of suffering to many Lebanese. Then the pandemic hit, and that exacerbated the situation. Lebanon is being led by corrupt political leaders who have driven Lebanon’s economy to the ground. Many people have lost their jobs and their livelihoods. Lebanon used to have a large middle class made of professionals, educated people and entrepreneurs. The middle class has disappeared, replaced by increased poverty.

Then this was followed by the explosion in the port of Beirut on the 4th of August. This destroyed one third of Beirut and whatever was left of the economy. The size of the devastation is unimaginable.

Father, even in the darkness, you bring light. Through all this, the Church in Lebanon is experiencing transformation. It is learning how to step out of its cocoon and be with the people – to get involved in helping, healing, and proclaiming the love of Christ. Thank you for leading us in this transformation, starting with caring for the refugees. We are thankful that most churches and Christian organizations are out there being the hands and feet of Jesus. This is an incredible testimony to your work.

Lord, we pray for the situation in Lebanon, for those that are suffering economically, physically, socially, psychologically, and spiritually. We pray that they can witness God’s love despite the terrible situation that they’re in.

We lift up to you our political leaders – that they would step into their God-given role of caring for the people they lead.

We pray for the Church in Lebanon that it continues to be the beacon of light in the middle of the darkness, an agent of hope in the middle of despair, and an agent of peace and reconciliation in a region marked by conflict.

We pray for the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS), that trains leaders for the Church in the entire Arab world, equipping them to proclaim the gospel in a difficult, sometimes hostile, context. We ask that you guide me as I lead ABTS along with the leadership team who are trying to navigate a complex change in strategy at the time ABTS is caring for and housing many newly-homeless people.

We pray for Mireille’s work as she continues to develop Bible study materials to be used among refugee communities.

Lord, we praise and thank you for the Canadian churches that have encouraged us, prayed for us, and supported us in so many ways.


The Haddads

Dear Lord,

In the name of Jesus Christ, our King and Saviour, we come before you today. We are praying for the work in Africa. For several years Africa has been known as home to extreme poverty and violence in addition to natural calamities such as severe drought, flooding and swarms of locusts. However, we know and believe that you love this land and our people and you have a good plan for healing and restoration. You are using different people in your restoration including the CBM team in Africa.

Lord, give the team more insight, wisdom and passion as each individual uses their God-given talents and gifts to touch and equip your people. Lord, thank you for African partner churches – these are people you have saved and whom you have called to your mission to expand your Kingdom, so that your people will live in shalom and dignity.

South Sudan: This country has been going through different turmoil – ethnic conflicts, political unrest, famine, deadly floods, swarms of locusts and now COVID-19. People are desperate and hopeless. The partner church Faith Evangelical Baptist Church (FEBAC) is striving to bring healing and hope via food relief projects. Lord, would you please heal the land and the beautiful people of South Sudan?

DR Congo: This country has been going through persistent insecurity, Ebola and now COVID-19. The people are so sad and hopeless. They have the greatest natural resources in Africa, but they are hungry and their social economic system is very corrupt. The partner churches there, Baptist Church in Central Africa (CBCA) and Community of Baptist Churches in East Congo (CEBCE) want to make a difference through community development and peace & reconciliation. Lord, would you raise leaders with a passion for serving your people with honesty and integrity?

Rwanda: Lord, thank you for the healing and recovery process happening in Rwanda. This is a model of how far you can deliver people from and how you can develop the resilience of a nation using the church and leaders. We pray for the local church partner, AEBR, as they seek to be the witness of Christ in the overall campaign of peace and reconciliation and the alleviation of extreme poverty and other effects of the 1994 genocide against Tutsis.

Kenya: The rise of the COVID-19 cases in Kenya has affected the economy of this country and region in general. The locusts and prolonged drought have led to famine in the North Eastern region of Kenya. Local partner Africa Christian Church and Schools (ACC&S) is fighting hunger in the Embu community, and reaching out to families affected by HIV and AIDS. Lord, provide for the ACC&S to be able to respond to the overwhelming needs.

Lord we ask for provision for all these church partners as COVID-19 has affected their finances.

Lord, thank you for CBM and Canadian Baptist churches for their generosity, and we pray that you bless them and provide for their needs as well.

Lord heal the world, and stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, either via scientists who discover a vaccine, or other ways.

We thank you for your love and grace that sustains us every single day as we serve you. We pray this, in Jesus’ name.


André Sibomana

Father God,

You created the earth and not one person walks on it whose name you do not know. You are a God robed in majesty and yet, you come among us in worn out clothes ready to do the day’s work. You are a God of justice, caring for the weak, a God of mercy, forgiving sins, and a creative God doing new and unexpected things in our midst. You are a faithful God fulfilling your purposes in our lives and in our world.

May your kingdom be more present among us today than yesterday. We pray your kingdom be proclaimed among the poor who are suffering in Latin America. We pray that you protect those that have lost jobs because of the pandemic and have no way to support their families. We pray for the immigrant workers that are left far from home and family and do not have a secure job that will secure their well-being during this time.

We pray you continue to protect and heal people’s bodies, especially for those that are vulnerable to sickness. Those who are already struggling with health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma. We pray that they would be wrapped in your loving arms. We pray for those who are sick, that you would restore health and healing to their bodies.

We pray for honesty and compassion to reign in those who have been put in place in Latin America to care for people. That the sick have access to  health care. That governments and politicians be moved by mercy to care for all the people within their borders.

Father, let your love and grace overcome fear and desperation. Embrace those that are isolated and alone during this time. May your presence be more real to them than ever. God, let your love and protection prevail in homes where there is domestic violence and abuse.  Father, be with children that cannot go to school or play with their friends. Make known to them that you care for them and that their pain does not go unnoticed.

Thank you God for your love that abounds all the more in times of crisis and confusion. Thank you for your grace and mercy that are new each day. Search our hearts and minds and conform them to your ways. Glorify yourself in us.


The Nachos

Our Lord and our God,

We come before you today with a deep sense of gratitude for who you are to each one of us – You are the one who saves us, the one who forgives us, the one who provides for us, who heals and cares for us.

A Prayer for Churches
We pray for churches in the Philippines – specifically for the 52 Baptist churches in Capiz province, which belong to the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches. We ask that you would strengthen them as they learn and adapt to serve the needs of their communities during this COVID-19 pandemic. May they continue to be salt and light in their communities, sharing your gospel of peace, hope and love, and inviting people into your kingdom.

A Prayer for Pastors
We pray for pastors in the Philippines. During this difficult season of ministry, we pray that you would be near them and give them what they need to carry out their calling as pastors. Many live in very remote areas and are struggling with finances and a lack of access to enough healthy food. We pray that you would provide for their physical needs, and we also pray that you would encourage them and provide for their emotional and spiritual needs.

A Prayer for the Nation
We pray for the Philippines. Each and every year the Philippines endures many natural calamities such as typhoons, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, which cause widespread damage to homes, crops and livestock, loss of livelihood and income, injuries and even death. Many individuals and families were already struggling when the COVID-19 pandemic arose and caused even more hardship as the country locked down to try to control the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, infections are rising quickly and the nation’s health care system is reaching its capacity to respond to COVID-19 patients. We pray that you would be with the government, particularly the President and the Department of Health, as they manage this health crisis. Be with all the frontline medical workers, and please be with those who are sick and in need of care. Protect those who are most vulnerable.

A Prayer for KPM
Finally, we pray for our partner, Kabuganaan Philippines Ministries. In this very difficult season of ministry, we pray that you would strengthen and encourage Rev. Job and Phoebe Santiago, and the board of trustees who oversee the work of KPM. We ask that you would grant them what they need to continue the work of serving people in need throughout Capiz province, particularly within the KPM mission communities of Libas, Nipa, Aglongon, Hopevale, and Lucero. We also pray that you would grant them your guidance and wisdom, as they adapt programs such as the Childcare Centers, CCTEP pastoral training, Food for Life initiative, and the Bugana Livelihood Center to the “new normal”. May you bless their work among the Capiznon people, as they serve the needs of the poor and oppressed, and as they share the hope of your gospel through word and deed.

We pray all these things in your Son’s precious name,


The Waddells

Our Heavenly Father,

Oh Great Creator, Comforter and Saviour,

Thank you for your great love that you pour out upon all people. It rains and it shines on us all.

Thank you for your word where it says you would never quit on me. Even when my steps falter with doubt, when my soul rages at injustice and those who seek to oppress and assimilate, even when my eyes swim with sorrow, and my hands shake with panic thoughts of these strange days … even then you won’t disown me.

Because your love resolves all of my terror, sadness, anger, and uncertainty. Your love becomes in me a new thing, it becomes hope.

Snachiliyah Yoodugee (thank you from the bottom of my heart Creator) for this, your great love for me.

Cheryl Bear

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Dear Lord Jesus,

We come to you today secure in your love for us. Thank you Lord Jesus that because of you there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God. 

As this pandemic continues to bring sickness, hunger, fear, and uncertainty around the world we pray today specifically for the people in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In Bolivia where we know of so many who are sick, isolated and unable to receive care in hospitals, we ask you Lord that they feel relief today and especially that they would know your peace during their suffering. 

We pray for those who are providing care, for their safety and stamina as they serve in such valuable roles. 

We pray for the political and church leaders in Bolivia, in Central America and the Caribbean to be wise, to have good counsel around them and to make decisions that will lead to stronger health and economic systems in their countries. 

As we work with local church partners, we pray for wisdom in our counsel and that we would be an encouragement for our sisters and brothers during these difficult days. Cover our plans Lord during this COVID crisis, for recovery in the next few months and beyond as we work to support churches to be witnesses in their communities. 

We pray  for our CBM colleagues, isolated in their homes, unable to be with people, and support the work as we would like. We pray that they would be encouraged through the opportunities to meet you each day. We thank you Lord for the prayers and generosity of the Canadian church.

We pray for peaceful rest. We know that you are at work every minute of the day, and that your mission continues with or without us.  As pastors, leaders and servants do what they can each day, let that be enough. Allow each person to rest and not be anxious about tomorrow. We stop now to give you thanks, recognizing your work in our lives as well as those around us. Thank you for loving us.

We pray all these things in the name of Jesus. Amen.

The Soucys

Our God who hears our cries and wipes our tears,

In faith, we continue to depend on you as we pass through depression and anxiety, fear and uncertainty, when India has reached 1 million COVID-19 cases with around 35,000 new cases adding every day. We pray for your voice to stop this storm and save us.

Many faithful ones in the medical field experience fear but are selflessly serving COVID-19 patients. We pray for their protection.

We have seen the plight of many migrant workers who are still unable to return to their places of work.  We pray for assurance of safety and work.

We feel the pain of many youth who long to write their entrance and competitive exams towards professional course admissions and jobs. We pray for your grace and for patience and better opportunities for them.

We acknowledge the difficulties of those who have lost their jobs and businesses, creating vulnerable situations for their families. We pray for new opportunities, jobs and resumption of business.

Our heart is heavy for the poor Mising tribe youth and Telugu-speaking youth who are unable to continue their skills training programs due to COVID-19. We pray for your assurance of better opportunities.

We weep looking at the devastation caused by the floods among our Mising Tribe families in Assam. We pray for safer shelter and food.

We crave for the fellowship missed in church services and church gatherings as many churches are still closed. We pray to understand the significance of worship in spirit and truth.

We have missed the affection via touch. We pray to comprehend the significance of praying for one another and understanding the meaning of the body of Christ.

Oh Lord, we also see that you are helping us to understand your creation in a different manner – that in which you have intended – to move from focus on self to others. We pray that you help us to perceive your grace that exists in mysterious ways, many still unseen but present in our day-to-day lives. Thank you for helping us to appreciate the little things in life that we take for granted.  We are grateful and seek the continuous power of the Holy Spirit to mould us and to live a life that is pleasing unto you.

In Christ’s name, we pray, amen.

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