Jun is a young Muslim tailor and a follower of Isa al Masih in one of the communities of faith led by Sumael. Jun and three other believers have been working long hours in a tailoring shop for unjustly low wages. As their leader, Sumael faces other challenges: supporting his family as well as the needs of the ministry. Sharing their struggles gave birth to the idea of starting their own business, but they really needed help.

Tailors attended a 15 day training for dressmaking in February and March.

CBM has recently approved funding for equipment for a Business Initiative Program under our team’s CRUIS Inc. organization. In May, a tailoring business will be launched in partnership with Indigenous Creations, a local Christian business that is passionate about doing justice through its business of creating innovative products that honour indigenous stories. Indigenous Creations will run the business, providing skills and business training for the workers so that eventually Sumael’s group will be able to take it over.

Please pray with us for this project initiative to demonstrate a model of integral mission that brings hope and justice to economically broken communities. We also invite you to donate towards this project. Gifts can be sent to CBM marked “CBM – PH Project No. TD1805 Business Initiative.“

About Emo & Kathy Yango

When Emo and Kathy met in Toronto in 1983, they were both moving forward in response to God’s calling on their lives. Emo’s sense of calling grew out of his anthropological interest in Japan while he was a student at Ontario Bible College (Bachelor of Theology). Kathy, on the other hand, was influenced by a sense of God’s claim on her life as well as her involvement with IVCF and international students during her years as a student at Acadia University (B.Sc & B.Ed.)