Heavenly Father, thank you for the life and ministry of Darrell and Laura Lee Bustin in Rwanda. We look forward to their upcoming home assignment and we know many Canadian Baptist churches are also anticipating their return. Please bless this trip – grant them safe travels, protection and excellent health. Let this be a time of joyous sharing as they meet with individuals and churches about the work in Rwanda. Prepare the hearts of those who will hear faithful testimonies about your work in Africa, that they will begin or continue to support the Bustins.

Meanwhile, the work goes on in Rwanda and we ask for your hand to be upon those programs and for the first three Emerging Leaders Initiative seminars that will take place while the Bustins are away. Allow for continued growth and development of the 20 young men and women involved in this program.

God, family is important to you. The time the Bustins have in Canada also means opportunities to reconnect with loved ones. May they be refreshed as they make new memories with their children Bronwyn and Caleb, their parents and other loved ones. As both Darrell and Laura Lee’s parents age, grant them strength, good health, healing and quality of life.

About Darrell and Laura Lee Bustin

The Bustins work with CBM’s church partner, the Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda (AEBR). Darrell’s primary focus is in pastoral training and church leadership development. He works both with pastors, as well as those studying to be pastors and church leaders. Laura Lee oversees the administrative details for the short-term mission (SENT) teams that come to Rwanda.

Meet the Bustins