Literacy Training


In partnership with CBM, Soura Baptist Christian Mandalli Sammiloni (SBCMS) is raising awareness of the value of education and empower individuals to be agents of change in their communities. This initiative begins with teaching children, many of whom are living in impoverished families, how to read and write.

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Alcoholics Rehabilitation and Transformation


The ART program aims to rehabilitate and transform the lives of people who engage in alcohol abuse and supports the Ao-Naga community in North-East India by promoting alcohol addiction prevention and awareness. Support this project with financial contributions and prayer.

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Literacy and Family Ministry Project


AEBR addresses issues of illiteracy, poverty, and gender imbalance. Through literacy classes, coordinator training, and the support of self-help groups and parenting clubs, both men and women are empowered to transform families and communities. Support this project with financial contributions and prayer.

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Pastereo de Pastors


In partnership with IBAREDO, CBM supports the ministerial development of pastors in rural and impoverished urban communities of the Dominican Republic. The project offers pastors regular meetings, mentorship, and essential resources to develop Christian leadership. Support this project with financial contributions and prayer.

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The Chagas project seeks to bring attention and intervention to a preventable disease affecting the rural poor and improve food security by providing new skills and supplies for families to produce in orchards, raise small animals, and produce honey for consumption and marketing. Support this project through financial contributions and prayer.




Jireh works with children and adolescents who have been victims of violence and aims to provide children and families a safe place to find restoration physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The centre helps provide support, counselling, and teaches valuable life skills. Support this project with financial contributions and prayer.

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