God’s Mission is Here


In this pre-recorded sermon, Executive Director Jennifer Lau, reminds us that in this world that is ever-changing, God is always constant and faithful as we partner with him in the work that he is doing in the world.

God’s Mission is Here2021-09-23T14:32:42-04:00

Waiting Faithfully


In this sermon, Jennifer Lau preaches on faithful waiting and reminds us how to wait well on God and how to live as God’s people in the waiting.

Waiting Faithfully2021-09-23T14:23:36-04:00

Jesus Clears Out the Temple


In this sermon, Cheryl poses the question, “What is in that area of this temple that we are not making room for other people? What have we allowed in that area that we have not allowed space for other people?”

Jesus Clears Out the Temple2021-09-23T14:26:26-04:00

A Different Journey


This Lenten journey of 2020 will be forever written in our minds, won’t it? Lent is a time for retreat, and we have been catapulted into near reclusion.  An infinitesimally small virus has brought global economies to a halt, has closed schools, churches and public places around the globe, has quarantined entire megacities, closed borders, prompted widespread panic and shuttered countless businesses.

A Different Journey2021-08-30T15:30:06-04:00