Africa Leadership Exchange

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This three-year project has been a partnership among CBM and four Baptist denominations—from Kenya, South Sudan, DR Congo, and Rwanda. A cohort of 16-17 leaders of these denominations (including at least one woman from each denomination) has gathered for an “exchange” of leadership challenges and formation. I have been privileged to

Pastoring of Pastor—Up and Running

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I (Bill) had been wondering what would have happened to the Pastoring of Pastors ministry in my absence, so I was pleasantly surprised when a pastor from a group that had only met a few times before we left greeted me with, “Welcome back. You’ll have to visit our group. We

Heart vs Spirit: An Academic Commits to Christ

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Believers often perceive seminary students as having a special, intimate relationship with Christ. However, Tina (not her real name) has a different story. She was a student in Asia, who pursued a variety of studies in literature, philosophy, and science. She was looking for an answer to life, but couldn’t find