July 11, 2019 

Mississauga, Ontario – Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) is pleased to announce the appointment of Lilian Yang to the position of National Field Staff in the Golden Triangle Region effective July 15, 2019. This appointment comes in response to growing ministry opportunities and increased challenges in the region as well as flourishing interests in mission partnerships from Canadian churches.    

Lilian’s role as National Field Staff in The Golden Triangle Region is to serve alongside Chinese Ministries Team Leaders Fiona and Conrad Kwok in working with CBM’s partners in the region. Her main duties are to equip local pastors and laypersons through Christian education/theological training in Bethel Bible Institute. She will assist local churches, organizations and seminaries to develop training ministry in sharing the Gospel and expanding community outreach. Lilian will also help manage existing projects while identifying new and potential opportunities, updating Canadian churches. She will also assist in arranging and scheduling SENT teams, working with them while they are on the field. 

Previously, Lilian was in ministry in Thailand for several years, leading Bible study, preaching, translating and participating in children’s and women’s groups and served as lecturer at Bethel Bible Institute in Thailand. She received her Bachelor of Theology from Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary, Bachelor of Arts – Major in English from Kyaing Tong College, Myanmar, Master of Arts – Major in Pastoral Ministry from Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary and Master of Divinity from China Evangelical Seminary in Taiwan.  

Says John Chan, CBM’s Director of International Partnerships, Lilian is a young Christian leader born and raised in South East Asia. She is highly educated theologically and passionate for ministry. While her qualifications could open doors for her anywhere in the Western world, she chose to go back to Northern Thailand in order to train the next generation of Christian leaders as well as local churches to engage in Integral Mission. Lilian is a long-awaited addition to the CBM team and working alongside Conrad and Fiona increases CBM’s capacity substantially for ministry in the region.” 

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