Photo of Jennifer Lau in duotone

As we enter the fall season, it is with renewed excitement that we share another issue of CBM Responding with you. Another year is almost upon us, and this is already our fourth quarterly issue for 2021 – we aren’t slowing down now!

As Canadians continue to receive vaccinations and navigate the fourth wave of COVID-19 together, CBM has had to pivot in several new ways as we continue to embrace a broken world through word and deed along with our global church partners and staff.

In this issue, we are excited to introduce you to the new Field Staff who have joined the CBM team this year. Both Byron Velásquez and Joseph Lee’s appointments are encouraging signs of a growing ministry despite this pandemic. As our partners struggle with the loss of local pastors, Byron and Joseph will assist in increasing their capacity to respond to needs. We echo the words of Paul as he encourages the Church to build up the body of Christ. I invite you to read the enclosed letter to see how you can help empower the Church in this time of need. Your support builds strong and resilient churches that can weather times of crisis.

Our SENT program has adapted to our new reality and has pivoted in an exciting way. We are taking churches to the field through their computer screens and this is proving to be just as meaningful an experience. It is also an opportunity for churches to get involved and stay connected with Field Staff around the world.

Carla Nelson and Gato Munyamosoko, two CBM Field Staff focused on work in Africa, also share a thoughtful reflection on development and peace efforts ongoing in the Democratic Republic of Congo, emphasizing the importance of local churches everywhere. This is an exciting project that utilizes Gato’s extensive experience in peacebuilding and reconciliation. Exciting progress is being made as Gato and Polisi Kivava work to bring together divided denominations through the shared goals of restoration and collaboration. We rejoice in the unity that is being built, as the poor and marginalized will benefit greatly from this initiative.

At CBM, we believe that millions of lives are directly impacted by every goal we work toward together. Churches play a significant part in community development work. Their impact rarely makes headlines, but it is a living witness to the power of the gospel to transform lives. We are grateful that we have a role to play in God’s mission, to get to stand in solidarity alongside you and our global partners,
together as co-workers in God’s Kingdom.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership in the work of God’s mission. Your commitment continues to help bring transformation to the lives of so many.

Grace and peace,
Jennifer Lau
Executive Director