CBM Sunday

Your Mission Sunday is CBM’s Mission Every Day 

Make CBM Sunday your mission Sunday. On CBM Sunday, you can stand up and act on behalf of the world’s hungry. We, as Canadian Baptists, have a long history of advocating on behalf of the global poor and hungry. We believe that there is something morally wrong in tolerating widespread hunger as inevitable and unpreventable. Our faith challenges us to respond with compassion and do our utmost to help so that others may simply live. Hence, a more accurate, biblical image is of reciprocal service, conservancy, conservation. The garden serves our needs. We serve the garden’s needs, and in so doing, we mutually fulfill God’s design (or economy) and show our love to God and His good gift.

CBM Sunday – Rwanda

My name is Elisi. I am a farmer in Rwanda. It’s a struggle with irregular rains and poor soil. Lack of food and malnutrition are big challenges. Another challenge is that I am HIV-positive. My husband died from AIDS. I also lost my only child. I have taken two orphans into my home and I also take care of my father. He no longer has the energy to help in the fields. He sees me struggle. But I keep thinking positively and work hard so that I can survive and help my whole family.

Nearly 70% of the chronically hungry live in rural areas

CBM Sunday – South Sudan

In times of crisis, a quick response is needed. CBM’s food assistance programs save countless lives when emergencies strike. Desperate families struggling to find nutritious food for their children receive much-needed supplies necessary for survival. Your special offering will provide food and other assistance in times of crisis and emergency, saving lives and helping people begin the longer journey of recovery and rebuilding.

One recent example is in South Sudan, a country embroiled in a brutal civil war. The burning and destruction of homes, farms and villages by armed groups has contributed to great food insecurity. It’s now estimated

CBM Sunday – India

Canadian Baptists have a long history of advocating for the world’s poor. Our faith challenges us to respond with compassion and to do our utmost to help others in need. On CBM Sunday, your church can stand up for the world’s poor and help alleviate global hunger. Order our FREE resources to start building your church's worship service.

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