Leadership formation for Integral Mission is a vast area of ministry. It requires biblical foundations, a deep love for God’s church and for the community that surrounds it. It is not about taking initiative for people, but about shaping hearts and minds to embrace and join in God’s transformative work. We have been blessed this year because God has led us through the closing of a chapter of life and ministry in Bolivia and the hopeful and promising opening of a new chapter in Costa Rica. We want to share with you the highlights of the year:

CETI Bolivia

7 facilitators – 75 students – 8 groups

CETI is the Spanish acronym for the Centre for Interdisciplinary Theological Studies. During 2016, we saw tremendous growth in numbers and interest in the certificate programme of CETI in Bolivia. This year, Suzannah became a facilitator and led a group of eight people through a challenging and transformative reflection on what it means to be a Christian family in Latin America and how the Church (not just the pastor) can best serve and support families in the community. We are grateful because our focus on training facilitators was fruitful; many of them began  facilitating this year and some are getting ready to open new groups next year in partnership with the Baptist Seminary.

Under the umbrella of CETI, Suzannah had the opportunity to train several Sunday School teachers from El Alto in the Godly Play methodology. They absolutely loved it! We did this in partnership between CETI and the Norwegian Alliance Mission.

We also organized special events to address issues such as violence, and holistic discipleship. We reached about 500 people with our special events.


David has not been able to visit Cuba this year, but has kept in touch with the leaders within FIBAC regarding the growth of CETI. We got phenomenal news! This year FIBAC opened 8 circles in Havana, Holguin, Matanzas and other cities. They have mostly studied the Church module. David is looking forward to visit these groups and train more facilitators next year.

CETI Continental

We are excited to start this new phase in Costa Rica because CETI is doing work that is critically important to the kingdom of God in Latin America and beyond. CETI’s offers a unique vision of theological education in Latin America, as it  encourages and leads people to think about their faith what it means to be a Christian in these confusing times. Our students and faculty are constantly asking themselves, what does it mean to be an agent of God’s Kingdom today?

As Academic Dean, for David working with CETI means that he gets to interact closely with our faculty, who, besides being engaging and capable facilitators, lead a variety of ministries throughout Latin America. Moreover, we are also blessed to get to accompany our students, who include pastors, leaders at different Christian NGO’s, engineers, educators and seminary teachers.

David taught three subjects mostly having to do with contextual and narrative approaches to Scripture. Suzannah also taught a course for the masters programme in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the subject of spirituality and discernment.

The partnership between CETI and Carey is growing. David will teach a course in English at Carey in the Spring of 2017.

About David & Suzannah Nacho

David and Suzannah serve with CBM in Latin America. They are based in Costa Rica where they work with CETI (Community of Interdisciplinary Theological Studies). CETI provides students a missional understanding of the church and tools to live out integral discipleship through work, family and society.