In March David was in São Paolo, Brazil teaching a joint Open Course and On Campus Course about Narrative.  The course was bilingual, David taught in both Spanish and Portuguese and was attended by over 30 students.  Students were deeply encouraged by studying the scriptures together, and challenged to be instruments of change in their churches.

While in São Paulo David visited one of the communities in the slums, where Marcos, a CETI facilitator has taken the CETI Basic material and rewrote it as a children’s story.  The book is about a boy who wants to become an integrated person, and in each chapter the boy has an encounter exploring one of the themes from the CETI material leading him on a journey to wholeness.  Marcos is developing the narrative story to reach the children, as well as the women and mothers that attend the Sunday School and don’t participate in the church service while caring for the kids.  It is a creative and ambitious project and we are excited at the impact it is making in his community.

Visit to El Salvador

In January David traveled to El Salvador where he was invited to be the speaker for the National Evangelical Assembly. He spoke on Ephesians: Clues for radical discipleship in Latin America. The conference went well and we are excited to see how CETI Basic is a growing resource for churches in El Salvador and Guatemala.

Creation Care

We continue to grow in our practice and theology of care of God’s creation. The move to Costa Rica has encouraged us in this exploration. We are hoping to open new connections with local churches and in global discipleship around this theme in the coming year.

Prayer Requests

  • Continued and deeper connection to the local church here in Costa Rica.
  • Getting our permanent residence visa, we hope to present in these next two weeks!
  • CETI faculty, we have undergone restructuring as an institution and hope that our work will be more productive and strategic. David will concentrate primarily in his role of Academic Dean and professor.
  • Gratitude that the kids have begun a new school year and are enjoying their friends and routines.

Last year David taught a few new courses which we call open courses. These classes are available to people even if they are not pursuing a master degree, and have helped students receive resources and biblical understanding for their faith. The themes explored were: Theology as Praxis; Ecclesiastes, Latin American popular wisdom and the meaning of life.
For the master level David taught: Church (Canada), and Narrative theology (Columbia, Bolivia and Brazil). Suzannah taught Spiritual theology and discernment (Bolivia). We are excited for this year’s courses.

About David & Suzannah Nacho

David and Suzannah serve with CBM in Latin America. They are based in Costa Rica where they work with CETI (Community of Interdisciplinary Theological Studies). CETI provides students a missional understanding of the church and tools to live out integral discipleship through work, family and society.

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