September 28, 2020 

Mississauga, Ontario –  Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) announces the conclusion of Strategic Associate Cheryl Bear’s service with the organization, effective October 2, 2020. 

Cheryl Bear of the Nadleh Whut’en First Nation has served as CBM’s Indigenous Relations Specialist since April 2018, providing leadership and education to Canadian Baptist churches seeking to be more engaged with First Nations communities.    

CBM expresses gratitude to Cheryl for all that she accomplished in her two and half years as a Strategic Associate with CBM, helping to guide Canadian Baptists on a journey of learning how to best embrace our Indigenous neighbours. In that time, many churches have deepened their engagement with First Nations communities through her insightful leadership. During her service with CBM, Cheryl also helped create effective and thoughtful church resources on Indigenous relations which will continue to be used into the future.   

Cheryl will be moving into a pastoral outreach role with a church in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, an area where she spent many years serving prior to joining CBM and where she continues to feel called to serve.  CBM wishes her many blessings in her new ministry.    

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