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Dr. Cheryl Bear of the Nadleh Whut’en First Nation is a CBM Strategic Associate. Cheryl serves as the Indigenous Relations Specialist with a focus on providing leadership and education to Canadian Baptist churches seeking to be more engaged with First Nations communities. She is an award-winning singer/songwriter and educator. As part of her role with CBM, she will seek to inspire and educate through music and dialogue.

Prior to her appointment, Cheryl served as the spokesperson for CBM’s She Matters campaign, helping to raise awareness around global gender inequity, with a particular focus on gender-based violence in Indigenous communities. She has performed several She Matters concerts throughout Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba. Cheryl’s appointment marked an important step forward for Canadian Baptists in the road to reconciliation with Indigenous people in Canada. CBM Executive Director Terry Smith feels that “The appointment of Cheryl Bear is vital to having Indigenous voices shape and guide how Canadian Baptists can journey on with First Nations people in this country. Cheryl understands the challenges and has years of experience walking alongside individuals and congregations wherever they are at in the conversation. This appointment is a natural follow-up to the apology we offered in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report. We know that Cheryl will be a great resource to our churches who wish to learn how best to build authentic relationships with Indigenous people in their own communities.”

Cheryl has travelled to over 600 Indigenous communities in Canada and the United States sharing her songs and stories. She is also one of the founding board members of the North American Indigenous Institute of Theological Studies (NAIITS). Cheryl has a Doctorate from The King’s University in Los Angeles, and Master of Divinity degree from Regent College. Her doctoral work presented an approach to First Nations ministry from the foundations of Indigenous worldview and values.  Cheryl is based in Vancouver and has three adult children.

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Cheryl Bear

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Dr. Cheryl Bear of the Nadleh Whut’en First Nation is a CBM Strategic Associate and serves as the Indigenous Relations Specialist. She provides leadership and education to Canadian Baptist churches seeking to be more engaged with First Nations communities. Please pray that the voices of Indigenous elders would be heard. Pray that the 94 calls to action by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Canada would be taken seriously and bring needed change to the lives of all Canadians.


Cheryl Bear

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Dr. Cheryl Bear of the Nadleh Whut’en First Nation is a CBM Strategic Associate and serves as the Indigenous Relations Specialist. She provides leadership and education to Canadian Baptist churches seeking to be more engaged with First Nations communities. Please pray that Indigenous people on this land would stop being viewed through the lens of dangerous and demeaning stereotype; that there would be fairness in every story, with an opportunity for the Indigenous voice to be heard. 


Cheryl Bear

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CBM Indigenous Relations Specialist Cheryl Bear will be arriving in Ontario next week to speak and perform at conferences and churches. This weekend, Cheryl will be one of the speakers at “Walking the Good Way Together”, an Indigenous conference hosted by the Trent Valley Association of Baptist Churches. The event will include interactive exercises and presentations from Indigenous scholars, leaders and residential school survivors. Please pray that God would strengthen Cheryl as she delivers her message and interacts with church and community leaders. We also pray that the conference would be a time of restoration and


B.C. Wildfires

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Please join us in praying for those affected by the Shovel Lake wildfire in B.C., which is among the largest of more than 540 fires throughout the province. Please pray for the hundreds of people who have been forced to evacuate their homes, as well as the firefighters and emergency response teams that are working around the clock to get the situation under control. The people of Nadleh Whut’en First Nation in Fort Fraser, B.C., are particularly affected – the fire is burning close to their area and has damaged their berry crops and hunting grounds. CBM’s Indigenous Relations Specialist, Chery Bear, is from the Nadleh Whut’en community and currently has family members in


Cheryl Bear

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Please join us in praying for Cheryl Bear, who serves as CBM’s Indigenous Relations Specialist. In her role at CBM, Cheryl provides leadership and education to Canadian Baptist churches seeking to be more engaged with First Nations communities. Pray for wisdom and guidance as Cheryl seeks to bring Indigenous issues to light within our Baptist churches. As an award-winning singer and songwriter, Cheryl continues to use stories and songs to communicate her message. She is also chair of the Canadian Baptist National Indigenous Relations Working Group. Please pray for her continued leadership as she seeks to facilitate this ongoing relationship and dialogue on a national level.  Cheryl

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