Empowering local churches to live out the gospel in word and deed where God has planted them is what CBM has been doing for over 150 years. Animals as both food and as sources of income is part of good community development. Giving animals to families along with training and educational support allows them to increase their incomes and improve nutrition levels. It’s an empowering and dignifying form of support for the families we help. Content and Design Team Lead Gordon Brew shared, “I was recently in India and visiting a number of projects. The woman in this picture is a widow in a rural community. As a widow, she was at an increased risk of being food insecure and falling further into poverty.  Through CBM, local partners and donors, she was given a pair of chickens which she raised for eggs, which then birthed more chickens. Increasing her egg yield allowed her to sell the surplus locally, funds from which were then put into a pair of goats. She has given chickens to other widows in her community and they are now benefitting from this initial gift. When I met her in February she had just acquired a cow for milk. Again, in time she will be able to sell surplus milk.  Her son’s family is also benefitting from her success and so is her community.” The partnership, which was initiated by the local Serango Baptist church, is a demonstration of the gospel to those in the margins. This is the kind of transformation that gifts of animals can bring about. White Rock Baptist Church is one church community that believes in the importance of animal gifts! They’re spearheading Chickens for Christmas, raising funds for families in need. Visit  https://whiterockbaptist.ca/ministries/missions to see church members do the chicken dance! What a great way to raise awareness and funds! Thank you White Rock Baptist.