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Community Engagement Pastor

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Community Engagement Pastoral
Grace Memorial Baptist Church

Grace Memorial Vision

Grace Memorial is both a multigenerational and multicultural congregation where we seek to work, learn, and grow together in fostering closer relationships with God. We believe God has planted a dream for this congregation to be transformed by Him into a community of grace reflecting the biblical image of a multitude from every nation, tribe, people and language seeking God as one. (Revelation 7:9). We
believe Grace can be a beacon in the city, so that no matter where they have come from, who they are, or what they have experienced, people will find in Grace a safe place to meet Jesus, develop meaningful relationships with people of faith, and come into a life-giving relationship with God.

Purpose of the Position

The Community Engagement Pastor will seek to empower the people of Grace Memorial to strategically engage with the wider community outside Grace and in loving and supportive relationships with one another within the Grace community. In collaboration with other ministry staff, this pastor will give leadership, encouragement, vision and oversight to the various ministries which will further the vision for Grace to be a multicultural and multigenerational community.


  1.  Align Ministries
    • Develop and implement an intercultural ministry plan in keeping with the church’s vision to be a multicultural and multigenerational community of grace.
    • Nurture understanding, appreciation and cooperation between various cultural communities within the congregation.
  2.  Influence Discipleship and Outreach
    • Connect congregants with the whole message of the Gospel through relevant engaging, and memorable communications and experiences.
    • Inspire and equip the congregation to be disciples who make disciples and are able to effectively and naturally communicate the Gospel message.
    • Develop opportunities to engage the Grace congregation in serving the wider Fredericton
    • Serve as the Ministry Coordinator for the Outreach Ministry Team and connected ministries (ESL, DivorceCare, GriefShare, etc.).
    • Give oversight to and develop promotional strategies for the Mission Budget.
  3. Develop Partnerships
    • Connect and build cooperative and mutually beneficial relationships between Grace and outside agencies or ministries related to poverty, new immigrants, multicultural and First Nation populations.
  4. Build Community
    • Plan and oversee implementation of opportunities for the congregation to engage and build relationships with our neighbors.
    • Plan and oversee implementation of opportunities for the congregation to develop stronger relationships within the Grace community.
    • Oversee the refinement and expansion of the small group ministry.
    • Nurture a smooth transition process that allows new comers to become fully engaged participants within the Grace community.
    5. Care for People
    • Provide pastoral care in collaboration with the Senior Pastor and Pastor of Visitation.
    6. Contribute to Common Ministries
    • Participate within the Grace community as a pastoral leader.
    • Be a supportive and encouraging presence as part of the staff and team of Grace.
    • Share in pastoral roles including being a voice in decision making and planning processes assisting in common projects and initiatives, and being part of the rotation of worship speakers.

Working Relationships

  • The Community Engagement Pastor is directly accountable to the Senior Pastor.
  • The Community Engagement Pastor is a member of the ministry staff/team.
  • The Community Engagement Pastor acts as the Coordinator for the Outreach Ministry Team.
  • The Community Engagement Pastor gives oversight and holds accountable any paid or voluntary staff serving under the Outreach Ministry Team.

Personal Attributes

  1.  Follower of Jesus
    • Evidence of a personal relationship and commitment to Christ.
    • Demonstrates spiritual maturity, godly character, and a consistent walk with Christ.
    • Life long learner with a good knowledge of Scripture and strong theological foundation which guides life and decisions.
  2. Leadership
    • Demonstrates spiritual leadership which empowers and encourages others.
    • Collaborative, team player who gets along well with others.
  3. Teacher
    • Able to communicate effectively one on one, as well as in small and large group settings.
  4. Relational
    • Respected by and respectful of both other Christians and non-Christians.
    • Intercultural and intergenerational understanding and competence.
    • Demonstrates healthy family and interpersonal relationships.
  5. Maturity
    • Organized and self-motivated with a strong work and leisure ethic and balance.
    • Wise in the use of social media, representing church and faith honorably online.


  • Accreditation by, or willingness to enter the process to be accredited by, the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada Board of Ministerial Standards and Education.
  • Ability to think creatively and strategically.
  • Administrative and organizational skills.

Hours, Salary and Benefits

Salary and benefits will be determined based on the experience of the successful candidate and be line with current recommendations contained in the Treasurer’s Handbook for the CBAC. This is a full-time position.


March 31st, 2023
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