Mississauga, Ontario – Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) announces the departure of Global Field Staff, Duane and Carin Guthrie, effective September 2018. The Guthries have served with CBM since 2010 when they were appointed to serve in Bolivia. In 2015, they were re-assigned to Asia to focus on establishing CBM’s new Marketplace Ministries initiatives in the region. They are based in Manila, Philippines and will return to Canada in June to visit and thank their supporters.

For eight years, Duane and Carin served in Bolivia, working alongside CBM’s partner, the Bolivian Baptist Union and its development arm, OBADES. They focused on several key initiatives, including overseeing the Economic Initiatives program, which provided mircrocredit loans to small business entrepreneurs. As well, they were instrumental in the creation of the Integral Mission Centre in El Alto.

Through their experience in Bolivia, the Guthries gained a passion for seeing lives and communities transformed beyond the borders of the church. This led to a refocusing of their work to become pioneers in Marketplace Ministries for CBM, exploring expressions of faith in the workplace. Since their relocation to Manila, they have been involved with several business initiatives which contribute to transformational development for individuals and communities.

God is now leading the Guthries into a new season of ministry as they prepare to return to Canada. CBM is grateful for the service of the Duane and Carin during their time as Global Field Staff. Says CBM Executive Director Terry Smith, “The Guthries have left an indelible mark on CBM as the launchers of Marketplace Ministry. From a small beginning nurturing entrepreneurs in Bolivia to exploring and piloting other opportunities in Asia, they have helped move Marketplace Ministry into a cross-cutting global mission strategy for CBM. While we are still working out where to fan the flame in the various contexts where we work, the Guthries were the starters of the fire. As such, we are grateful for their lasting contribution to the organization.”