Emad and Almess were appointed by CBM to serve at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Lebanon. Emad serves as a lecturer in the areas of Old Testament and Islamic studies and is also developing resources and models for ministry in that context. While both Emad and Almess are involved in mentoring students in ministry and leadership skills, Almess also explores opportunities to work with Iraqi and Syrian refugees. Please pray for the political instability in Lebanon, for a better nation and for order, justice and peace to follow in the wake of the prime minister’s resignation. Pray for economic development and opportunities towards better quality of life for the people of Lebanon. Pray for peace, safety, and God’s protection all around the country. Pray for wisdom for those in authority so that they may make decisions for the common good. Pray for Arab Baptist Theological Seminary students as they continue their journey of learning and growth in knowing God.