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Serving in the Philippines

When Emo and Kathy met in Toronto in 1983, they were both moving forward in response to God’s calling on their lives. Emo’s sense of calling grew out of his anthropological interest in Japan while he was a student at Ontario Bible College (Bachelor of Theology). Kathy, on the other hand, was influenced by a sense of God’s claim on her life as well as her involvement with IVCF and international students during her years as a student at Acadia University (B.Sc & B.Ed.)

Emo was born in Manila, Philippines, and came to Canada in his early teens while Kathy was born in Sydney, NS. After their marriage in 1984, they served as church planters in Japan for seven years. The next season of their lives brought them back to Toronto where Emo worked in urban ministry at Yonge Street Mission, and Kathy taught in the Toronto District School Board. In 1998, the Yangos, with their three children, returned to Asia and have been working since then with Muslims in the Southern Philippines.

Along the way, Emo has earned an MA in Missiology from Fuller Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Missiology from the Asian Graduate School of Theology in Manila. The Yangos have been leading a multinational team in the task of bringing healing to a broken world through both word and deed with a focus on biblical and theological training of local leaders while at the same time working in partnership with the believers to respond to the basic felt needs of their communities through various community development projects. Some examples of these are: goat raising, early childhood education, sanitation project, water system project, several wells, a corn dryer, and youth leadership training.

Emo describes missions as a journey in exile. These journeys are seasonal and the critical factor is not how safe they are, but rather, finding new ways to sing the Lord’s song in different contexts.

Emo and Kathy Yango have three grown children: Ryan, Jenna and Kenzie.

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Emo Yango

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Strategic Associate Emo Yango has been leading a multinational team in the Philippines focused on the biblical and theological training of local leaders. He also works with Christian partners in responding to basic community needs such as goat raising, early childhood education, sanitation, water system projects, and youth leadership training. Emo asks for prayers for the family of bible translator, Willy Kiao. Pray for Willy Kiao’s wife Deny and daughter Princess as they mourn his passing.  Pray for suitable employment for Deny. Pray for good health for Akmad, who is continuing the bible translations.  


Emo Yango

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CBM Field Staff Emo Yango is based in Canada and supports CBM projects in Southeast Asia. In his role, he provides leadership training, theological education and oversees local Bible translation projects. In a recent update, Emo shared the following prayer requests:  In preparation for my next training/teaching trip, I will spend the next month or so putting together four courses: Missions and the Kingdom of God; Peace and Justice in the Kingdom of God; Liberation Theology (in the context of the Karen's fight for independence in Myanmar); and A Theology of Farming (in the context of rural pastors engaged in


Emo Yango

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Please pray for CBM Field Staff Emo Yango who is based in Canada. Emo helps provide spiritual formation training to both men and women via leadership training, theological education and translation of key biblical texts into local languages in Southeast Asia. Emo is currently on a three-week trip to the Philippines and Thailand. Please pray for his health and safety, and that he would have a productive and fruitful trip. Emo will also be teaching two intensive courses at a Bible college in Thailand from August 5-17. The area he will be visiting has a large population of Karen refugees, an ethnic minority group in Myanmar who were forced to flee the country. Please


Inter-Faith Youth Leadership Gathering

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Although there is a peace agreement between the Government of the Philippines and its Muslim peoples, the animosity of centuries of conflict continues to negatively impact daily relationships between Christians and Muslims. Negative stereotyping and discrimination are pervasive wherever their lives intersect, even among followers of Jesus in both camps. We’re very excited to share that a small group of Christian and Muslim youth leaders hope to change this. From Jun 5 – 8, we will be facilitating a gathering of ten Christian participants and ten Muslim participants, as they confront their own negative attitudes and behaviours,

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