CBM Field Staff Emo Yango is based in Canada and supports CBM projects in Southeast Asia. In his role, he provides leadership training, theological education and oversees local Bible translation projects. In a recent update, Emo shared the following prayer requests: 

  • In preparation for my next training/teaching trip, I will spend the next month or so putting together four courses: Missions and the Kingdom of God; Peace and Justice in the Kingdom of God; Liberation Theology (in the context of the Karen’s fight for independence in Myanmar); and A Theology of Farming (in the context of rural pastors engaged in agricultural business). Please pray for wisdom and guidance. 
  • I continue to provide weekly oversight and training to a Bible translation project in the Philippines. Part of the training is also introducing the translators to other books of the Bible.  We are currently doing an overview of the letters in the New Testament. Please pray that this training goes well.