Empire Versus Kingdom

All of you, like all of us, are missing our regular time of worship together in community. Gene Tempelmeyer, a dear friend of CBM and former pastor of Spring Garden Baptist Church, previously led CBM in worship through a series called “Empire Versus Kingdom”.

Most of the Bible was written by people under the thumb of one empire or another. How do we live for the Kingdom of God when the empire’s power and resources require our obedience and loyalty first?

In this series, Gene Templemeyer explores the life we live between the empires of the world and our heavenly kingdom. Are our choices and actions working towards building other people’s empires or are we building towards God’s kingdom?

Are we acting as an empire – working for ourselves, or as a kingdom, for others? Are we of the world or in Christ?

There is a way to live IN the empire but FOR the kingdom of God. Join us as we explore how.