For over 40 years CBM has sent individuals and teams from Canada to visit our global partners. These experiences were put on hold in March 2020 due to the pandemic. However, we are excited to be planning SENT experiences again for 2023.

SENT is CBM’s short-term mission program renamed SENT to better reflect the unique way CBM engages with our global partners. We believe that we are sent as God’s people, living up to and into the call to be disciples in a world of disparity and injustice. We are sent cross-culturally to serve and learn and sent back to advocate and put faith into action in our local communities. There is nothing “short-term” about it.

We send teams to Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Bolivia, El Salvador, Lebanon, India, Rwanda, Kenya, Thailand, Germany and the Philippines.

Most trips are between 10-14 days, but longer experiences are also available, including up to 1 year.

No two SENT trips are the same, but you can expect to visit CBM’s partner churches and field staff and join God in the work being done through the local church. You’ll learn about faithfully living out the gospel in a different culture and have your eyes opened as you worship and read scripture in a new context. Your way of thinking will be challenged, and you’ll leave with more questions than answers. Your sense of wonder will be expanded, and you’ll have unforgettable experiences as you enjoy life with God’s people in a new culture!

For more information, please contact Louise Hannem at or visit