Feeling the Impact of the Postal Strike – We Need Your Help!

CBM is presently forecasting a $900,000 shortfall in donations this year – a 21.4% decline from this time last year.

Can you Help?

Every year, when CBM sets our program budget, we do so prayerfully and intentionally. New proposals are studied for impact and measurable outcomes. Every existing program is reviewed and adjustments made where required. Then the budget is submitted for board approval.

We do this based on years of experience and prudent data analysis.

But no amount of planning could have mitigated the recent Canada Post job action and its lingering effects. Our finances were tracking as forecasted into September. Typically, the fourth quarter of the year is the most significant time of the year for our donations. This is the vital time when we can meet our budget. And year after year, this is the time of year when we witness the deep solidarity of Canadian Baptists for global mission.

Then the job action occurred. And without regular mail service, the numbers began to fall dramatically.

Perhaps supporters had been waiting for the job action to be well and truly done before sending in their donations. Certainly, more people are giving online, but not in proportion to the shortfall via regular mail. For many churches and businesses, submitting by cheque is the only option.

Whatever the reason, we are certain of one thing: this year is rapidly coming to a close and we face the daunting challenge of meeting our budget commitments to our global partners. If we have a significant shortfall this year, we will have no choice but to prepare program cuts next year. As you can imagine, this is the last thing that we want to do.

Now more than at any time this year, or in previous years, we need your help! Time is of the essence.

We do not want to cut back on our global programs in 2019 simply because our supporters were unable to give due to a postal strike. Your final, end-of-year gift is vital.

Please don’t wait any longer to offer your support to CBM and the work of bringing hope and healing to a broken world.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Terry Smith

Executive Director

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