In November, Faith Holwyn and I visited Atlantic Canada, Visiting several churches and women’s groups.

The New Sessions of the Groups of Hope “Hearing God’s Call for a Closer Relationship” were introduced and expand the use of the Groups of Hope in bringing Hope and healing to women around the world. In January, we attended the Women’s Convention of the UBB (Bolivian Baptist Union) in Santa Cruz, Bolivia where two presentations of the Groups of Hope material were held.  The program was first introduced 10 years ago.  It was encouraging to hear from several women how the program is being used to reach out to poor women.

About Brenda Halk

Brenda Halk is a Strategic Associate serving in the role of Women’s Initiatives Facilitator. She works with CBM’s global church partners to train and equip women to be effective agents of change at home, in the church and within the wider community.