Become a Virtual Farmer with Grow Hope Saskatchewan!

Through Grow Hope Saskatchewan, you can become a farmer by sponsoring an acre of farmland in rural Saskatchewan! Funds raised through Grow Hope Saskatchewan help support people around the world with emergency food supplies and long-term food security.

How it works.

Generous farmers in Saskatchewan have donated land and agreed to grow a crop for Grow Hope Saskatchewan. It costs $300 per acre to provide seed, fertilizer, fuel and other inputs. You are invited to sponsor a partial acre, full acre or multiple acres to help cover these costs.

After harvest, the farmers will sell the crop and donate the proceeds to CBM’s account at the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB). The proceeds from the sale of the crop can be as much as $500 per acre. The government of Canada matches funds up to 4:1 when we use it for food relief in places like South Sudan and Lebanon.

In other words, a donation of $300 can grow in value up to $500, and then be matched up to $2,500 per acre.