It is hard to believe that a decade has passed. We joined CBM young and inexperienced, our first foray into global ministry. Over the past 10 years God has faithfully formed us into seasoned Global Field Staff, deeply committed to the mission of God’s people. It has become our greatest desire to see the Gospel take root, to witness transformed lives and communities, something we now know as Integral Mission. This commitment birthed a passion within us for Marketplace Ministry, a desire to help people envision new ways to live out their faith beyond the borders of church. It has deepened our engagement with Transformational Development, work that contributes to the flourishing of individuals and communities, regardless of race, class, gender, or creed. It has strengthened our love for the local church, large and small, people living as God’s image bearers in every day life, in every day places.

We have been blessed to live this out in the various projects God has brought our way. In Food for Life, the rural farmers and farm workers engaged in cooperative action with local churches, or the beehive project that is developing livelihood opportunities for tribal people and the Filipino missionaries serving them. We see it in the lives of our students learning English, and it is exemplified in the churches that bless us with their partnership. It is present in the reimagined businesses striving to be engaged in God ordained kingdom activity. It has been an amazing privilege to be part of all that God has done in our midst this past 10 years, in Bolivia, The Philippines, and beyond.

We are also filled with gratitude. God has provided us with amazing supporters who have prayed and journeyed with us, many from the very beginning. The significance of sacrifice so many of you have offered has never been lost on us. We are truly grateful for our Partners in Mission.

So, it is from this place of gratitude that we want to let you all know that God is leading us into a new season of ministry. These next six months will be our last on the field with CBM. We will depart the Philippines this coming June to live out Integral Mission in a new context, which has yet to be determined. Meanwhile, we are busy with the task of finishing well. We invite your prayers as we make preparations to end our time here and seek to move forward in whatever endeavor God has next for us. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible during our final Home Assignment with CBM, which will end in September 2018. Thank you once again for your amazing support. It is a privilege and honour to serve on behalf of Canadian Baptists.