Believers often perceive seminary students as having a special, intimate relationship with Christ. However, Tina (not her real name) has a different story. She was a student in Asia, who pursued a variety of studies in literature, philosophy, and science. She was looking for an answer to life, but couldn’t find it. After graduation, she applied to an evangelical bible college overseas, searching purely for the truth in life. At the time, she was the only non-believer at the school. In the beginning, she felt awkward and pressured to become a believer. However, the teacher told her, “No rush, when you understand more, and hear His calling, you can respond then.”

After one year at the school, she finally decided to commit to Christ. She had returned to her home country to stay for some time and eventually felt the desire to pursue further theological education, so she applied for religious studies in a German university. In the beginning, she was intrigued by the many scientific based, philosophical debates. However, she later discovered that the debates did nothing in terms of spiritual growth. Thankfully, she has a seeking heart. When she arrived at our fellowship, she already had a goal in mind: Commit to Church, Grow in Christ!

Though she was a young believer, her background as an academic in theology was intimidating to some fellow Christians. They were afraid of discussing topics of faith with her. However, instead of the analytical sharings and discussions in class, she actually cared more about practising faith in the church community, to share about the triumphs and the defeats in life’s journey. What we appreciated most was her humility: she was willing to attend the classes in Felain’s program for early believers, and joined other brothers and sisters in the many training sessions instructed by Lewis. In her serving (cooking for others in the kitchen), she learned to retreat to a less apparent position. At the same time, she humbly learned to lead Bible study, to further develop her gift.

When a strong academic committed to become Christ’s disciple, what she aimed for was beyond the academic knowledge, she wanted to respond to Christ’s calling and live out the truth in faith!

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