“…take root below & bear fruit above.” (Isaiah 37:31b)

June to August was the first time we came back to Toronto for home assignment since we left for Germany. The Lord opened doors & allowed us opportunities to share our experience at different churches, fellowships & small groups. We shared the ministry challenges & the life stories of believers. There were 2 types of responses to our sharing:

1) The Cantonese congregation were mostly surprised: “The evangelical work for Chinese in Germany is actually quite challenging” “Never thought the spiritual resources in Germany would be in such shortage”

2) The Mandarin Congregation expressed understanding as they saw the common challenges of Mainland students & newly immigrated families in Germany, which are alike those who came to Canada. Many listened to our sharing with teary eyes. Yet, the Lord used these testimonies to encourage those who are currently in struggles & reminded them that God is full of grace & mercy!

Caleb has a new experience as well. He was invited to share at the Children Sunday School of 2 churches. He presented his life experience as a missionary kid. During preparation, we selected photos together, reflected on our experience with God & reminisced on details of life in Germany. Beyond our expectation, the preparation process actually led us to reflect on Caleb’s growth in the past 2 years & allowed us to count the Lord’s blessings.

About Lewis and Felain Lam

Lewis and Felain were appointed as CBM Strategic Associates in 2012 to join the work of the Chans and Friends of Mission to Chinese in Germany. The team ministers to the large number of students from mainland China studying in German universities, bringing the Good News and love of Jesus Christ to these future professionals who return to China upon graduation.