CBM Gift Catalogue 2023/2024

Hopeful Gifts for Change

Celebrating 20 Years

of Hopeful Gifts for Change.

For almost 150 years, Canadian Baptists have been answering the call to share the Gospel through word and deed around the world. We are thankful for how you have participated in God’s mission including through CBM’s Hopeful Gifts for Change catalogue.

While the world continues to experience challenges like post-pandemic economic uncertainty, conflict, unforeseen disasters, and other tragedies, we are continuously in awe of God’s faithfulness. Your support brings hope and encouragement to local communities in our world today as churches minister holistically to those who need to hear about and experience Jesus.

Because of your gifts, returning refugees in South Sudan can start over after having their homes and livelihoods destroyed by civil war. Marginalized women in Rwanda can be given the gift of literacy and numeracy. Youth in the Philippines can obtain a college education and improve their future job opportunities. As the Church grows in the Middle East and North Africa, leaders can be equipped with quality training for the contextual ministry needs of their communities. These are just a few of the many ways your hopeful gifts can make a difference.

Your generosity enables us to be adaptable amid global volatility, while staying firmly rooted in Christ. Our ongoing commitment to good stewardship in a complex world leads us to serve in the places where we can most effectively contribute to God’s Kingdom work.

Please consider giving a gift that not only brings joy to your loved ones, but to someone else across the world. Children can select gifts of education for their teachers, churches can support church leaders around the world in honour of their own pastors, and families can give one another presents that matter – all throughout the Hopeful Gifts catalogue this Christmas season. There are so many ways to give a gift that will last a lifetime!

Thank you for investing in Hopeful Gifts for Change over the past 20 years. You have helped embrace a broken world through word and deed.

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Give what’s most needed

CBM values partnership. With a spirit of cooperation, we work collaboratively with our global partners who are best positioned to understand the needs of their communities. This local wisdom enables us to support families and individuals from a place of mutuality that leads to effective strategies.

At the same time, the unpredictable nature of our world today makes flexibility a necessity. As needs change, or new ones arise, CBM, along with our partners, aims to provide what will make the most difference in a person’s life or community. By having the resources readily on hand, we can provide support and pivot as the needs come into focus.

In an unpredictable world, being able to resource communities with What’s Most Needed allows us to respond effectively and make the largest impact. Whether it’s responding to crises, investing in sustainable programs, or empowering individuals, we are committed to supporting our local partners by investing strategically in mutual priorities.

Together, we can bring meaningful change to a hurting world by giving to What’s Most Needed.

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Gifts Responding to Poverty

Poverty can take many forms and can have debilitating effects on individuals and communities. As people of faith, we respond in love to help alleviate suffering and extend compassion to the poor.

The issues surrounding poverty are often complex and the response requires a multifaceted approach. By understanding the specific dynamics within a community through local partners, we can better address issues surrounding poverty together. Help tackle poverty with dignity and compassion.


Drug addiction is a major issue in the Golden Triangle region, where opium and heroin are largely produced. Operation Dawn provides drug rehabilitation, discipleship, and vocational training for recovering addicts, as well as housing for addicted women and their children. Your support helps bring freedom and healing for those struggling with addiction.

Empowering Widows

In some parts of India, widows face stigma and discrimination along with limited access to resources and support for their children. Your generosity empowers widows with business skills training from the local church as well as a loan to get started. Give the gift of dignity and self-sufficiency.

Developing Sustainable Livelihoods

Given the challenging ministry context of Cuba, churches can better support the communities they serve through this project. Your gift will provide the resources for tools, materials, and skills training towards economic transformation.

Helping Young Farmers

Youth in rural areas of El Salvador often abandon family farms as their profitability decreases. Your gift can support young entrepreneurs as they revive local farms with new ecologically viable techniques that increase income levels, dignity, and their standing within the community.

Clean Drinking Water

Access to clean water for communities in rural Togo improves sanitation, hygiene, and overall quality of life. Instead of spending time trekking to a water source, community members are able to attend work or school, as well as be free from waterborne diseases. Give the gift of renewed health to those who need it most.

Climate Farming Skills Training

Training Droughts and floods in Baliet County in South Sudan have brought devastation to the farms of recent returnees who fled their homes during the civil war. Your gift will help households learn conservation agriculture techniques that will protect their crops from harsh and unpredictable weather.

Gifts Responding to Justice

Justice is ultimately about restoration. Individuals, social structures and economic systems alike need God’s restoration to bring about what is equitable and just. We are commanded to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly before our God.

Simply righting wrongs is too limited a definition for what biblical justice calls us to, namely, God’s restoration of all relationships—political, religious, social or economic. Your support helps make these systems whole and healthy.

Women’s Literacy and Family Ministries

In Rwanda, when women are supported, they are better equipped to start a business, gain employment, learn new skills, and meaningfully participate in parenting and family matters. Your gift funds literacy programs, self-help groups, and family ministries, all of which operate in 11 communities.


Equipping Women in Leadership

In the Middle East and North Africa, opportunities for women to be theological educators and church leaders are scarce. Arab Baptist Theological Seminary empowers and equips female staff and students through theological education and leadership formation. Your gift will support women as they follow God’s calling to play an active role within the Arab Church.


Provide Hope Through Local Churches

With your help, local churches are a beacon of hope by providing emergency relief, food baskets for low- income families, and school support for children. Your gift trains pastors and leaders in Bolivia to respond to the needs of their communities through integral mission—addressing physical, spiritual, and social issues.


Entrepreneurial Skills for Mothers at Risk

Women with incarcerated husbands are at an increased risk of living in poverty with their children. Eagles Wings is an initiative in Bolivia that brings them together to learn how to run their own small sewing businesses. Your gift will help women as they meet for spiritual support while gaining practical skills in budgeting and parenting.

Gifts Responding to Kids at Risk

Every child should have the right to just be a kid. Yet too many children in our world are exposed to trauma, conflict, hunger, poverty and lack access to education and health care, denying them a safe and secure childhood where they feel loved and cared for.

A child’s human rights include protection, education, health care, shelter and good nutrition. CBM’s initiatives provide hope and possibilities for a child to arrive at adulthood healthy, whole and healed. When you invest in their well-being, you are paving the way for a brighter future.

Investing in Early Childhood Education

CBM’s partner in the Philippines, KPM, serves in five communities in Capiz province where the quality of early childhood education is lacking. With your support, the childcare centres in these communities focus on education, play, and nutrition.


Scholarships and Job Opportunities for Youth

KPM also provides financial assistance for the younger generation to take steps towards a brighter future. Your gift will help youth to start and/or finish a college degree, find a good job, and support their spiritual and leadership formation.


Education and Counselling for Girls

In Kenya, a lack of sex education means that many girls fail to understand what is happening to them when they transition from childhood to adulthood. Through this project, schools are being equipped with a team of mentors, including women from the church and female teachers, to provide education and counselling to girls so they can navigate these life changes well.


Child and Youth Empowerment

Lessons in music, hairstyling, English, and crafts are just some of the ways that IBAREDO, our partners in the Dominican Republic, provide vulnerable children and their families access to resources and skills training. They also provide families with kits of basic school supplies and healthy snacks. Your gift can help increase their access to opportunities for education, employment, and social development.


Creating Child-Friendly Spaces

In Lebanon, LSESD’s community partners continue to create child-friendly spaces that provide 700 children with a secure environment in which they can play, learn, and socialize. Your support enables children to maintain and restore their well- being during times of crisis.


Empowering Youth Through Sports

Sports play an important role in society and, when incorporated into ministry, they can act as a bridge between churches and communities to share the love of Christ. Your gift will provide opportunity for youth from rural communities in India with high levels of unemployment and school dropouts to participate in soccer training and play in district, state, and national-level tournaments.


Gifts that Help
Build the Church

God brings healing to a broken world through local churches. When you equip and empower congregations around the world to share the Gospel, you are enabling them to proclaim and demonstrate God’s love in their communities.

The Great Commission instructs us to go and make disciples. We can do so through the local church which is the engine of mission according to His power that is at work within us. From Latin America to India and from Asia to Africa we are building capacity. We are working in partnership to strengthen and build up the Body of Christ.

Build the Church in Germany

CBM’s Chinese Ministries team serves Chinese students who come to study in Germany. These students face the challenge of being away from home and learning a new language. Many have never heard the Gospel before. By extending hospitality and friendship, Field Staff are able to share Jesus through Bible studies, meals, youth groups, family ministries, and counselling


Build the Church in MENA

Working alongside our partners in the MENA region, CBM supports equipping faithful men and women for effective ministry. In Lebanon, ABTS provides Arabic- language theological education and leadership formation for Arab Church leaders. In Egypt, we’re working with the Egyptian Baptist Convention to provide pastoral training and care, integral mission training, and more.


Build the Church in Latin America

In Guatemala, CBM partners with ENLACEs Church and Community Program. By providing leadership training the local church is able to develop leaders that engage their communities to recognize and implement programs that bring meaningful transformation. Issues such as poverty are addressed with long-term solutions in mind. Leaders are mobilizing communities by offering biblical reflection, workshops, and support with managing community projects.


Build the Church in Africa

By coming alongside churches in Rwanda, CBM helps build their capacity to effectively reach their communities. Through leadership development and skills training, resource mobilization, and sustainable programming, pastors are equipped to minister holistically and expand their reach with the Gospel.


Build the Church in Asia

In places like India, CBM works in partnership to build up leaders that help transform their communities. Local pastors and community leaders are equipped theologically to implement sustainable projects that minister to women, children, men, and families with their daily struggles and challenges.


Gifts Toward Crisis Response

In an unpredictable world filled with unforeseen tragedies, political instability, environmental disasters, and conflict, victims are often left wounded and vulnerable.

Throughout the war in Ukraine, the recent earthquake in Türkiye/Syria, the Beirut explosion, and the drought in the Horn of Africa, many have sought refuge in the church seeking assurance that God has not forgotten them. For each of these disasters and more, CBM and its global Baptist partners’ network respond quickly and with accountability to ensure that through the chaos your donation is used to provide what’s needed most.

Crisis Response

We need your support in order for us to respond immediately in saving lives and participate in long-term reconstruction to help restore communities. Help us respond to crises when they happen.


Crisis Response

We need your support in order for us to respond immediately in saving lives and participate in long-term reconstruction to help restore communities. Help us respond to crises when they happen.


Crisis Response

We need your support in order for us to respond immediately in saving lives and participate in long-term reconstruction to help restore communities. Help us respond to crises when they happen.


Gifts that Provide Animals & Agriculture

Global food security has become a growing issue in our post-pandemic society. Add in political instability, supply chain challenges, and the rising cost of living and we have a perfect storm for hunger to take hold.

One important way to address hunger is by providing animals and resources for agriculture. Families who receive farm resources experience the benefits of better nutrition and economic improvement. Chickens produce eggs and hatch offspring every three weeks. Goats produce milk, which is the number one dairy product around the world. Animal waste offers rich nutrients that can improve soil quality for kitchen gardens.

Feed a Family for a Month

Families struggling with hunger and extreme poverty are facing challenges due to post-pandemic financial uncertainties and other global events such as war, the effects of climate change, and other disasters. CBM continues to work in Lebanon, South Sudan, and Latin America to address food security challenges. Your gift will feed a family for one month in places such as these.


Pair of Rabbits

Rabbits are a very cost-effective and non-labour intensive animal to raise, producing highly nutritious meat along with enriching manure which can greatly improve soil quality. Rabbits are also highly reproductive and grow rapidly, leading to a very profitable animal for a family to raise.


Poultry Hens and a Rooster

Poultry is an excellent source of food and meat, as their eggs can feed a family while also being a reliable source of income. Poultry also creates excellent fertilizer for farming. They are fairly easy to care for and help keep areas clean by controlling bugs and weeds naturally.


Fill the Hen House

A double portion of hens along with a rooster. Poultry is an excellent source of food and meat, as their eggs can feed a family while also being a reliable source of income. Poultry also creates excellent fertilizer for farming. They are fairly easy to care for and help keep areas clean by controlling bugs and weeds naturally.



Pigs are a hardy animal that provide many valuable uses including pork, lard, leather, glue and fertilizer, as well as a variety of medicines. Pigs can also have up to five or six pigs per litter, at least once a year, which can be raised or sold as income to provide for a family’s needs.



Goats are versatile animals that can be raised in a variety of different climates and environments. Goats can produce up to two to three kids a year, and provide a steady milk supply as well as meat for families to have or sell. Goat fibers can also be spun and used in a number of ways.



While cows require more living space than poultry or rabbits, the fresh milk that they provide is invaluable for a family’s nutrition and health, while also being an important resource to be sold at the market for a steady income. Cows can have up to four calves in their lifetime, which can lead to a herd.


Fill a Stable

As the animals reproduce, the chicks or piglets can be shared, allowing more people to begin to participate in their own advancement.

There is a lot of good work being done on this farm. Lend a hand through your animal gift towards community development with dignity.


Grow Hope – Become a Virtual Farmer

Your gift will not only fund the costs for supplies such as seeds, fertilizer, crop spraying and associated equipment costs, but it will also grow hope and change the lives of people in need far away from where it was grown.


Gifts that Support Vennture

Working with local churches and faith-based organizations globally, Vennture is helping to bridge the gap between Sunday and the other six days of the week. Vennture promotes and teaches a biblical Theology of Work by supporting the creation of transformational businesses and by mobilizing others to discover where faith meets work.

Theology of Work Training

In Atrica, Latin America, and Asia, CBM is working with our partners to provide training on integrating faith with work, and how understanding work as God intended it, can lead to whole-life discipleship and mission. Your gift will help provide pastors and church/community leaders with this important training, which leads to transformed lives and communities.


Transformational Business Development

Engaging in business for God’s Kingdom can be a powerful force leading to community transformation and alleviating poverty. In places like Nagaland (India) and Capiz (Philippines) gaining capital to start or grow a business is difficult to access. Your gift will provide capital to help Global South entrepreneurs.


Self-Help for Sustainability

In many of the places where CBM works, vulnerable women and out-of-school youth struggle to get by. Within self-help groups, they receive training and access to equipment and supplies (sewing machines/wood-working tools) so they can earn equitable wages with support, encouragement, and accountability. Your gift allows women and youth to join local income-generating self-help groups.