Over a year ago I had the privilege of teaching a young man in my pastoral training course at the University of Bucharest in Romania. Dragos (Andrei) Hogas (pictured left) is the youth pastor at the Filadelfia Baptist Church.

He shared with me the challenges of his youth work, and we spent long discussions talking about possibilities. Eventually, he took the Horizons (Romanian) course and had since become a mentor for the program. I had the privilege of helping him organize a Horizons LIVE leadership retreat for the youth leaders of Bucharest and to preach in his church. Now he has organized a Horizons LIVE event to happen in Torino, Italy this June, where his brother is the pastor of a Romanian church there.

Some of the exciting things that have transpired over the past year are that Andrei has been able to overcome the challenges and his group is growing! I have had the privilege of meeting them myself! Also one of his youth leaders will come to the Acadia/EBF Youth Leaders Institute that I’m privileged to organize and teach in May in Czechia. One life touched, and you never know where it will lead! Praise God for His blessings!

New Horizons Live

We are always making new inroads in leadership training in Children and Youth Leaders Horizons!  We recently had graduates from Jordan of the Children’s Horizons and they will be translating it into Arabic.  Children’s Horizons also will be used in the CBOQ in Canada under Tanya Yeun’s leadership (soon on maternity leave!).  Children’s Horizons is growing and starting to talk hold!

The Youth Horizons continues to experience new avenues of growth.  The Hungarian version is almost ready for implantation and will be released in July at the worldwidegathering of Hungarian Baptists in Debrecen.  The German translation is still underway and the Slovak as well is close to completion.

Spain has introduced new mentor Emilio Jose Cobo Porras who recently completed mentor training. We are already planning our next Horizons Mentors summit for next year in May 2018!  More news after the summer!

We are very excited that our first graduates of the Children’ Horizons have come out of Jordan!  Two ladies, Shereen Salameh Karadsheh and Beatrice Tchoporyan Owais.  We are praying to see how best to move forwards with a possible Arabic translation of the Children’s program (the youth program is already in Arabic.)

Prayer and Praise

  • Praise God for the training of new leaders in Bucharest Romania in February who are taking the Horizons program in their language and using it to train others.
  • Pray for Benjamin and Barbara Bascó as they finish this month the translation of the Hungarian version of Horizons and as we prepare for the summer with the Basco’s  for the world gathering of Hungarian Baptists where Jeff be the daily morning speaker for the youth at the conference, as well as releasing the Hungarian version of Horizons and leadership training.
  • Please pray for the continuing translation of German and Slovak versions of Horizons and for the capable (and often overburdened) leaders who are working in these unions.
  • Praise God for the recent amazing Youth and Children’s conference in Vienna, Austria, where 75 leaders from around Europe gathered for focus on mission and youth.  It was our largest conference yet.  Pray for the Executive Leaders, Bob Morris, Filip Grujic, Yanita Georgieva, Ronald van den Oever and Dimitar Georgiev (currently suffering from pneumonia) and myself as we plan for the next conference and other endeavours.
  • Pray for Horizons Live training conferences in Torino Italy, Cairo, Egypt, and for Jeff’s Spring Course with Acadia and EBF youth leaders coming to the Czech Republic the end of May.
  • Pray for Deann who is in a battle with her health, as she is trying to live a healthy fit lifestyle despite pain and other health complications that have arisen as of late.  Pray for Zachary that as he winds up his second year at Crandall that God will give him direction for his future, pray for Matthew (and us) as he enters his teen years and all that this entails!

About Jeff & Deann Carter

Jeff and Deann serve with CBM in Europe, based in the Czech Republic where Jeff is Youth Ministry Training Coordinator and Advisor for the European Baptist Federation (EBF), an organization comprised of Baptist federations and unions from across 51 countries. He is also a faculty lecturer at the International Baptist Theological Seminary. Deann has served in several pastoral roles, was Chaplain at Mount Allison University, pastor of visitation/youth at Moncton First Baptist Church, Pastoral Care Director at Spencers nursing home and part-time chaplain at two hospitals prior to joining Jeff in international missions work.