This past July,  Jeff was privileged to lead the daily devotionals for the youth leaders and hosts of the Hungarian World Youth Gathering in Debrecen, Hungary.  Each day the leaders would meet early in the morning to worship, testify and prepare themselves spiritually for the long days of service to this impressive gathering of Hungarian youth and leaders.  In the middle of the week, the Hungarian language version of Horizons (Horizontok!) was released to the delegates and Benjamin and Barbara Bascó (the national leaders for the Hungarian Baptist Youth promoted the program which will be started on October 20-24th at their next youth leaders conference.  This has been a two-year process and the dedication of the Bacso’s has been inspiring as they have done so much and are planning even more for the youth and leaders of this great country!  Celebrate with us as new mentors and leaders will begin to use this took in their training of future youth leaders.

Pray especially for Benjamin and Barbara and their young family for pacing and balance in a very large and challenging role in giving guidance to Hungary’s youth!