Although there is a peace agreement between the Government of the Philippines and its Muslim peoples, the animosity of centuries of conflict continues to negatively impact daily relationships between Christians and Muslims. Negative stereotyping and discrimination are pervasive wherever their lives intersect, even among followers of Jesus in both camps.

We’re very excited to share that a small group of Christian and Muslim youth leaders hope to change this. From Jun 5 – 8, we will be facilitating a gathering of ten Christian participants and ten Muslim participants, as they confront their own negative attitudes and behaviours, learn about the lives and hopes of the “other,” and explore commonalities in how their faith impacts their daily lives.

The two main ethnic groups they represent have a history of conflict that has directly affected them or their families. The culminating outcome of the gathering will be a strategy, with some concrete tools, for fostering positive inter-faith relations in their respective circles and contexts.

About Emo & Kathy Yango

When Emo and Kathy met in Toronto in 1983, they were both moving forward in response to God’s calling on their lives. Emo’s sense of calling grew out of his anthropological interest in Japan while he was a student at Ontario Bible College (Bachelor of Theology). Kathy, on the other hand, was influenced by a sense of God’s claim on her life as well as her involvement with IVCF and international students during her years as a student at Acadia University (B.Sc & B.Ed.)