(Photo from the United Nations)

On June 26, the world recognizes International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. All across the globe, this day focuses on awareness about the harm that illicit drugs cause and identifies steps to move towards a society that does not use, abuse and traffic illegal drugs. According to the United Nations, “justice and health work hand in hand when it comes to addressing drug problems.” Pray for a justice system that will help those with drug addictions. Pray that those suffering from drug addiction will be freed and healed, to get the treatment they need and for proper drug prevention. Pray that people will stop taking advantage of those addicted to drug use, and for illicit trafficking to come to a halt.  

CBM Global Field Staff Conrad and Fiona Kwok work with drugs rehabilitation centres in Northern Thailand, sharing the Gospel. If you want to help fight against illicit drug abuse and trafficking, please consider making a donation at https://www.cbmin.org/product/conrad-and-fiona-kwok-monthly/ and indicate “drug rehabilitation”.