In the big valley,

at the edge of a village, near the Buffalo Thorn tree, sits a little home. Inside lives a girl with dreams, big dreams. She’s eager to share with her little brother the opportunity for an education.

Join Aurore as she leads her mom and little brother towards a brighter tomorrow and it starts today!

It Starts Today is a book that helps children understand the plight of marginalized kids, specifically the girl child. It’s a learning tool that simultaneously supports education and spurs action towards change.

It Starts Today is a story of good development work, done with dignity, through local churches that empower women with a hand-up.

It is meant to be a multi-part activity that starts “out there” in the world and then moves into your home. The last part requires a generous response from you and your child to help meet needs within your own neighbourhood.

This is a new opportunity to change your world.


Funds raised through the sale of this book will support education for girls around the world through CBM and its church partners.

Education helps individuals and families gain access to opportunities that result in increased chances for a better future.


Help children gain a better understanding of the challenges that girls and women in the Global South face.

Learning about Aurore and her family is an impactful way to introduce important global issues and viable ways to help.


With the purchase of a book, you’re supporting girls’ education in the world. Now, you can demonstrate generosity to those in need in your own community. Find a local agency in your community that needs support and ask them what you can do to help. Discuss this with your kids and together, purchase what the agency needs and fill a gift box or bag. Maybe it’s a hat and mittens for a newcomer family. Or school supplies for a child who needs them. Perhaps it’s personal products for someone living in a shelter. Attach the tag that comes with the book and deliver your gift. This a great opportunity to help your children recognize needs in your area and take action.

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), 2/3 of the global illiterate population are women and educational is one of the most important tools to fight generational poverty.

The social return of educating girls and women?

  • Income levels increase
  • Child marriage rates decrease
  • Infant mortality rates are reduced
  • Country GDP increases

Dada was four years old when she lost her mom to AIDS. She and her grandma have struggled on their own ever since. Through CBM’s educational programs, facilitated by our local church partner in Rwanda, Dada is receiving an education and is dreaming of a better future.

She said, “I am happy we now have help with school fees and other things. I like our mentor who visits and encourages us. At school, I am good at helping
resolve disputes among students. I want to be a leader when I grow up and help to solve problems between people.”

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