Our Lord and Father, we look up to you during these challenging days and all the uncertainty due to the COVID-19 situation we are all facing. We pray for healing for those who are fighting for their lives, and we pray that you would comfort the hearts of those who have lost loved ones.

The people in Lebanon are faced with a very bad economic situation since the outbreak of the protests on October 17, 2019 and things have only gotten worse due to the pandemic. Thousands have lost their jobs and are left without income. Father, we pray that you would give our leaders wisdom to lead our country out of the situation we are in.

We pray for all those who are on the frontlines – doctors, nurses, and health workers who are fighting this virus and that you would keep them safe.

Refugees in camps all over the country cannot exercise social distancing or even self-isolation as the settlements are overcrowded. No tests are being done there and no one knows the exact number of infected people or if there are any. Father, we pray that you would keep them safe and provide for their needs. We thank you for all the local churches and partners that are responding to the needs and doing their best to provide them with food and hygiene products.

To God be the glory!

Joe Bridi

About Joe Bridi

Joe is CBM’s National Field Staff in Beirut, Lebanon, working with local partners to develop strategies for ministry and provide support to graduates of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) as they build ministries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

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