God of life, loving Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we give you thanks for life this day and each day. We thank you that through Jesus Christ you hold all things together. We thank you that you have reconciled all things to yourself through his blood shed on the cross. We thank you that Jesus is the author of our lives and the life of all creation, for all things are through him and for him.

Help us in these times to be people of life, who grieve the presence and power of death but as people of hope. May our hope deepen as your Spirit teaches us and sustains life in us during these days. May our hope bear witness to our conviction that death is not the last word. May we be witnesses to that last word: new creation through Christ.

Loving God, we confess that we continue to fall into sin. Through your Spirit, the Scriptures, and wise and prophetic voices among us, please show us the sin that has captivated us in these days. Free us from the fear of death, from anguish and affliction. With the psalmist (Psalm 25) we ask that you guard our lives and rescue us. But most of all, we ask that you would empower us to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ and witnesses to the forgiveness and eternal life that he offers to all.

In all circumstances, Lord Jesus, we give you thanks for the faith, hope, and love that we have in you. May we live our lives in that reality even though we also still live in a world captive to the lies and illusions of sin and death.

Guide each of us in our daily lives that we might love you, our God, and our neighbours as Jesus taught us. May your church be strengthened even in these disorienting and debilitating times. And may we emerge from this not to return to what we thought was normal, but to live in new ways as your people shining light in the darkness, salting the life of our communities, and offering a new community of the Spirit where we are redeemed, reconciled, and commissioned to join you, God of life and love, in your work in our world.

In the gentle and powerful name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

Jonathan Wilson

About Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan is CBM’s Senior Associate for Theological Integration and provides direction on the integration of theology and practice through writing, teaching, training leaders and speaking. 

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