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SERVING IN Golden Triangle Region

Joseph serves alongside the Chinese Ministries Team, supporting ministry opportunities within the Golden Triangle region, and assisting in short and long-term ministry planning and budgeting. In his role, he helps strengthen existing relationships and create new connections with Canadian churches.

As a graduate of Thailand Bethel Theological Institute (TBTI), Joseph has pastored several small churches in Myanmar since 1999, taught Bible courses at TBTI, and trained young Christians through youth training programs. He was also the Director of Maekong River Mission Fellowship in Thailand, helping local churches participate in mission through leading training sessions and organizing short-term mission trips to remote regions in the country.

His passion for serving God through mission work has led him to Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary, where he is now studying to receive a doctorate in missiology.

He is married to Lilian, and they have a daughter Sophia.

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Joseph Lee
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Shalom! Greetings from the Golden Triangle. I would like to thank you all for your unwavering prayer and support for the mission work in the Golden Triangle.

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Hello everyone, I am Joseph Lee, serving in the Golden Triangle region. Thank you for your continued prayer and support for the missions in this area. Your participation is significant to my ministries.


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