Below we are including stories from the past few months that we hope will not only bring you up to date on our work, but also serve to inspire and encourage you in your own ministries, be they in a church, your family, community, or workplaces. It is an honour to serve on your behalf, thank you for sharing your recourses with us so we can share them with others.

Stingless bees, a sweet project in Bicol

Throughout 2017 we have been travelling to Bicol, a peninsula on the southern tip of Luzon Island, in order to support work being done to reach out to the Agta people. Landless people, the Agta tribal people live a subsistence life, often as day labourers. Working with local partners we helped to develop a business model that has introduced bee hives to the community.

Business Development: Mission in Action

Part of our work allows us to focus on business development and initiatives that help people to envision new possibilities. To do this we have been working on ways to assist individuals and teams as they work through ideas for business startups. To do this we use something called Business Modelling. This form of business development focuses less on making a plan and more on working through the ideas and testing them in the real world. Using something called the “Business Model Canvas,” we create space for ideas to form and grow as they are readied for testing, the crucible where they are measured for validity.

The Launch of Food for Life

It has been over 18 months of preparation, teaching, dreaming, and planning. Food for Life is now a reality! Starting with 10 farmer cooperators, Food for Life is in the process of building a community of people who will stand together in the face of significant oppression.Food security is always a maddening condition that no one should ever have to suffer. Food security amongst farmers and farm workers is just shocking and should never happen. As global pressure exerts itself, local small plot farmers are forced to borrow increasingly for farm inputs and are left with less money to support their families every year.

Church of The Triumphant Christ

We have a friend in Manila, a young pastor who inspires us as she serves her people in and out of season. Pastor Joy Pring, CTC Church’s gift to the community, has a love for people and a passion to see lives transformed. Her church is situated in a village that is made up of middle income families, a nice place to live but not extravagant in any way, a place that would fit well into any Canadian context. Across the wall, however, is Ascona, a poor area that people have lived in for over thirty years without title to the land. Ascona sits on the bank of a river, water that is black with pollution, with smells that make you sick to your stomach.