In August 2018, we held the fourth summer of Kamp Tumaini in Kenya. Volunteers from across Canada, from New Brunswick to British Colombia, joined us in leading three camps with our Kenyan partners.

Along with days of music, fun, and laughter, the camps provided times for sharing, prayer, and encouragement. Over these past six years of preparation, training and ministry, Kamp Tumaini has introduced a new way of approaching children’s and youth ministry among our Kenyan and South Sudanese partners. It has been wonderful to witness ministers and executive leaders from our denominational partners un-tuck their shirts and play with the campers.

In many ways this ministry has been breaking down walls of separation and formality within our church partners. Kamp Tumaini has fostered an important shift in the focus of once educational ministries of the church towards the emotional and social needs of children in their spiritual formation.

CBM is presently recruiting volunteers to be a part of the next chapter of Kamp Tumaini, which is being planned for Bolivia in 2019 and Thailand in 2020. You can learn more about the opportunity by contacting Adrian Gardner at