CBM is committed to responding to the plight of those displaced by war, violence and persecution.

One of the countries in the world greatly impacted by conflict is South Sudan. CBM’s partner, Faith Evangelical Baptist Churches (FEBAC), faces immense challenges as their war-torn country struggles with conflict and insecurity that has greatly contributed to hunger. In early 2017, famine was officially declared in several regions.

According to the UNHCR, 1 in 3 people have been forcibly displaced – either within South Sudan or across borders. Inside the country, 7 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. Nearly 65 percent of the forcibly displaced in South Sudan are children under 18.

Over 2.5 million are now living as refugees in other countries. Many sought refuge in Kakuma Refugee Camp in northwestern Kenya. While this camp is home to displaced people from 20 countries across East Africa and the Middle East, the fastest growing population is from South Sudan. When conflict erupted again in December 2013, the number from South Sudan exceeded 80,000. They joined a large group that has been living in Kakuma since conflicts in the 1990’s.

FEBAC started churches in Kakuma camp that quickly grew to thousands of members. The majority are orphans and widows.

Together, CBM and FEBAC are responding to the needs of those displaced. In South Sudan, emergency relief has been provided, such as rice and beans, maize flour, cooking oil, plastic for tents, blankets, and mosquito nets. In Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, sewing machines and grinding mills help refugees have nutritious food and earn family income; and peacebuilding training has helped community leaders, women, youth and other opinion leaders to become peace promoters in the camp, where inter-ethnic conflict can erupt.

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CBM’s annual children’s educational mission resource gives kids the opportunity to learn about children in another part of the world through fun activities, crafts and games, Bible lessons, and to respond to God’s love through giving. Children will expand their notion of community in the world, and be moved to action. 

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