God is Good

“Kids Care – God is Good” is an opportunity to discuss with our children all the ways that God shows his goodness towards us. This five-lesson children’s resource will help you look at some global problems from a biblical perspective. It will also encourage your children’s group to better engage the idea of global disparity through prayer, games, activities, stories, and fundraising suggestions.

God is Good: Lesson 1

The Little Things

God cares about the little things – even where we use the bathroom! Teach students about the latrine project in El Salvador and how everyone can help the locals gain access to sanitary ways to use the potty.

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God is Good: Lesson 2

Healthy Bodies!

God wants us to be healthy! There’s a disease in Bolivia called Chagas and it is carried by vinchucas bugs. God is good and sent help to areas where the disease is common.

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God is Good: Lesson 3

Kids All Over the World

God cares about kids all over the world! This lesson visits Rwanda, where many children lack access to necessities such as food, water, shelter, clothes, etc. God loves them and sends people their way to provide help for things such as education.

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God is Good: Lesson 4

Equality For All

God cares kids all over the world! This lesson takes us to Kurada, Indi, where good jobs go to men, while women and the youth struggle to find ones. The solution to this is access to resources that give women and youth a better chance at opportunities.

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God is Good: Lesson 5

All Our Needs

God cares about all of our needs, big or small! In this lesson we take a look at the Lahu people of Myanmar, who are located in a very remote area and barely have access to basic needs. One of the things that would be beneficial to them is a...

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God is Good: Christmas

He Gives Good Gifts

This special Christmas Kids Care lesson will help you to discuss the ways that God gives us good gifts and that we can give others gifts to show them that God loves them.

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