Kids Care – Hey! It’s Not Fair!

We all know what it feels like to have the short end of the stick sometimes. Maybe you’ve been treated unjustly and don’t think you’re getting what you deserve. Have you ever wanted to just shout out, “Hey, it’s not fair.” Whatever the situation, God calls us to cry out to him, but he also challenges us to cry out on behalf of the poor.

As we read the news or our social media feeds, it becomes more and more apparent that global economic inequity is a growing problem. It appears that the rich are getting richer and the poor even poorer. The gap seems to grow wider every day. It seems unjust that in a world of abundance, nearly one in nine people do not have enough to eat. Twice as many girls as boys will never be given the chance to go to school. It’s not fair!

Kids Care – Hey! It’s Not Fair! is an opportunity for our children to look at the issues caused by inequity in our world. This five lesson children’s resource will help you to look at these problems from a biblical perspective and encourage your children’s group to engage the idea of global disparity through prayer, games, activities, stories, and fundraising suggestions.

You can download the lesson package as a PDF from the link provided or email us to order printed materials. Be sure to share photos of your fundraisers, activities and times together if you would like to share your ideas with other churches! E-mail us at with your photos or feedback.

Hey! It’s Not Fair! – Her First Day of School

At least two-thirds of uneducated children in the world today are girls. Without access to educational opportunities, girls are at a higher risk to become marginalized and exploited. She is more likely to marry early, to contract HIV and AIDS, and has a higher chance of dying during childhood than her educated female peers. She is also less likely to own land, get a decent job, have a say in society or break out of the crushing cycle of poverty. A similar percentage (2/3) of illiterate adults in the world are women. Some of the reasons include extreme poverty,

Hey! It’s Not Fair! – Crazy Climate

Deforestation rates in Africa are twice the average for the rest of the world. Kenya and Zambia only have about 1-5% of their primary forests remaining, threatening the very environment that people rely on. In the Northeastern region of Kenya, there are additional challenges, with conflict, historical grievances based on land ownership, tribal and faith differences (especially between Christians and Muslims), incoming refugees fleeing conflict in their own countries, and violence from extremist groups. Compounding the suffering is marginalization at the hands of government, with lack of basic infrastructure such as roads, schools, health facilities, clean drinking water, etc.

Hey! It’s Not Fair! – Mom’s Cooking Up A New Job

CBM is committed to addressing poverty through projects that help families become confident in their ability to either produce or earn enough money to purchase the amount of food necessary for a healthy and active life, as well as cover family expenses for basic needs like health care, school, housing, etc. In Kenya, a CBM project based on a Self-Help Group approach is enhancing the sustainable well-being of vulnerable households (especially among refugee families). It’s a holistic intervention that leads to social, economic and spiritual empowerment. The project offers scholarships for vulnerable children, skills training, matching business grants for

Hey! It’s Not Fair! – Get Well Soon

It shouldn’t matter where in the world you are born, but it does! The poor in developing countries bear a disproportionate burden of communicable diseases and health issues. They have increased exposure and risk through malnutrition, lack of affordable health care services, poor health and unsafe living conditions. Ultimately, it results in a much shorter life, for so many. Chagas Prevention and Treatment (Bolivia) Bolivia, one of the poorest countries in South America, has the largest number of cases in the world with about 10% of the population infected with Chagas disease. It is transmitted by the Vinchuca insect,

Hey! It’s Not Fair! – Food Fight

The prevalence of hunger is the painful evidence of global inequity and the harsh reality of poverty. CBM is committed to addressing hunger with projects that range from direct food assistance in times of crisis to longer-term food security - helping families to become confident in their ability to either produce or earn enough money to purchase the amount of food necessary for a healthy and active life. India has one of the world’s highest rates of child malnutrition. One of the hardest hit areas is Odisha State where many tribal people live, like the Kui, who in the

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CBM’s annual children’s educational mission resource gives kids the opportunity to learn about children in another part of the world through fun activities, crafts and games, Bible lessons, and to respond to God’s love through giving. Children will expand their notion of community in the world, and be moved to action. 

Hey! It’s Not Fair!

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