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BY Conrad and Fiona Kwok | April 1, 2021 | min read

BY Conrad and Fiona Kwok|April 1, 2021

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Dear friends,

May this update find you well wherever you are!

In January we sent out the news about our relocation. We really appreciate receiving your responses and concerns. Many of you asked if our relocation was due to health issues or because of the pandemic and wanted to know if we were alright.

This relocation is a strategic move. This will give us more time to visit and support our Chinese Ministries Team (CMT) field staff in different fields. We may also connect with our Canadian churches more often and more directly.

We would like to thank you for all your love and care. We have now booked our flight and we will be arriving in Toronto in mid-April.

The ministries in the Golden Triangle will continue even with our relocation. Since 2019, our National Field Staff, Lilian Yang, worked alongside us. You may have also read the announcement from CBM that an additional National Field Staff, Joseph Lee, joined the CMT team on April 1, 2021. Joseph is the husband of Lilian. Joseph graduated from Thailand Bethel Theological Institute 20 years ago. He also completed further studies at Malaysia Baptist Seminary and received his MDiv. He is currently studying his Doctorate degree of Missiology. Joseph has many years of pastoral and local mission experience. We welcome Joseph to our team. Joseph and Lilian will continue to work to strengthen the existing ministry and explore any new ministry opportunities in the Golden Triangle.

After we arrive in Toronto in mid-April, if you need us to speak and give a report to your church, either virtual or in-person (when the situation permits), please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to do so.

Myanmar Updates

Since the coup on February 1, more than 600 people have been killed in the suppression of protest. The situation is getting worse and the death toll keeps rising. During these 2 months, we have contacted our students and alumni in Myanmar trying to find out how they are doing. Some told us they were very sad and scared and did not know how far it would go. Recently, the military government has cut off partial internet in the country, therefore, it is very difficult for us to contact our students and alumni. Our National Staff, Joseph and Lilian, have initiated a weekly prayer meeting on Zoom to connect with Pastors, TBTI students and alumni in different cities of the Golden Triangle.

They join together to pray for God’s peace upon the country and receive weekly updates of the situation, working with pastors to provide support and relief to the families in need. The military government has tried to suppress the protest by shooting and killing the protesters, burning down homes, killing young people and even children.

A pastor said, “When we go out to visit the needy families, we risk our life. Even so, we need to help our people.” Another pastor said, “I cannot sleep peacefully at night. It is because during the daytime I went to help the refugees so soldiers may come to my door anytime.”

Please continue to pray for Myanmar. Support and donate to the Myanmar relief fund so that we may extend helping hands to the people who are suffering. You may donate online by going to or send a cheque to CBM, and mark on the memo line “for Myanmar”.

Chinese Ministries Team (CMT) Updates

Germany – we are joyful to announce:

  1. Pastor Ye and his wife Gao Ming welcomed their second child in March.
  2. Pastor Gang is getting married on April 10.

Hong Kong and China – our staff continue working with our partners online to provide fellowship support and missionary training to co-workers.

Prayer Requests

  1. Please pray for our safe travel back to Canada.
  2. Please pray for our adaptation to our new life in Toronto.
  3. Please pray for our National Field Staff, Joseph and Lilian, may God continue to bless and empower them as they work in the Golden Triangle.
  4. Please pray for CMT members and their families. Pray that they would have good health and be safe during this pandemic.


Conrad & Fiona Kwok

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