Conrad and Fiona Kwok recently shared of a visit to a region in Myanmar called “LOI MAW”, Northern Shan State, this is the home town of drug king Kun Sha. They shared, “BBI’s alumni, Pastor Yu, guided us there; it took about 6 hours by car from the city of Lashio. It was not an easy ride at all, it was even worse than the one we mentioned on our last newsletter. Pastor Yu is of the minority Lishu tribe; his grandfather started to bring the Gospel to this region about 50 years ago, his father continued and now it is his turn to carry the torch. The Gospel has reached out to almost all the villages and many people have been converted. Praise the Lord! However, poppy fields are still everywhere. Christians are still growing poppy because they do not know what else they can grow. It is because they lack the knowledge about the market needs. The purchaser has monopolized them. We would like to partner with Pastor Yu and find a way to help these villages.”