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Mississauga, Ontario – Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) is pleased to announce the appointment of Conrad and Fiona Kwok as the new Chinese Ministries Team Leaders, effective August 1, 2018. In addition to their new role as Team Leaders, the Kwoks will continue to fulfil their current responsibilities. The Kwoks replace Ruth Chan, who will be concluding her ministry with CBM on July 31, 2018.    

Conrad and Fiona are based in Thailand and began serving as CBM Global Field Staff in 2013. Working alongside CBM’s Chinese Ministries team, the Kwoks provide strategic support in the areas of leadership formation and community development. They also work in collaboration with the Bethel Bible Institute to equip young Chinese church leaders from mainland China, northern Thailand and Myanmar.  

Prior to joining CBM, the Kwoks established deep roots within both the Chinese church community and the Canadian Baptist denomination. Conrad served as the Mandarin pastor at Brampton Chinese Baptist Church and he led the work to plant two additional churches. He is a well-known and highly-respected leader in the Chinese church in Canada and served on the Executive Council of the Toronto Chinese Evangelical Ministerial Fellowship. Fiona worked as office manager for the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec. 

Team Leaders have an important role within CBM. They help the team reach organizational ends by directing, coaching and empowering our Field Staff, and assisting our national partners in the accomplishment of our shared objectives. They promote their sphere of ministry both on the field and here in Canada, and they help shape the agenda for the future.  

Says CBM Executive Director Terry Smith, “I recall with great fondness the early conversations I had with Conrad and Fiona, before they joined CBM, as they shared their passion for God’s mission in Asia. Over the years, I have watched them grow into their leadership duties as they have tirelessly and sacrificially given of themselves to serve in Thailand. Our entire CBM family is excited that the Kwoks are taking this next step, providing strategic leadership to our Chinese Ministries team.” 

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