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She Matters

She Matters is a multi-year campaign for gender equity – to educate, equip and empower girls and women who have the potential to be the greatest influencers for change in their families and communities, through raising funds and awareness. By addressing social injustices like gender bias in education, equal opportunity for skills and job training, as well as enhanced learning and leadership opportunities to empower women leaders, we are helping transform her life and her family’s future through She Matters.

We are pleased to report that over $329,000 has been raised by you and the nearly 300 church champions of She Matters across Canada! Here are just a few highlights in this global campaign. (do we want a map to mark countries where projects supported? Or a list of projects and countries supported?)

ABC Anniversary

Please join us as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the partnership between CBM and the Africa Brotherhood Church (ABC). We praise God for the ways that this partnership has flourished over the years, and we pray that our efforts together would continue to make a difference in the lives of those in need. This past weekend, past and current CBM leaders were in Kenya to commemorate the event. CBM Executive Director Terry Smith shares his experience: “We heard of the good work of sustainable community development, theological training, food security with Canadian Foodgrains Bank, HIV/AIDS, youth discipleship, economic development and church-planting – ours has been a shared journey of integral mission. Dozens of Canadian field staff and hundreds of short-term volunteers have seen God at work through the shared experiences with the ABC. The highlight of the festivities for me was to hear the testimony of Mercy, a slightly nervous but passionate woman who told her story. She lost both parents to AIDS as a child. She is HIV-positive. But through the support of CBM and the ABC, she has completed her schooling and wants to work in caring for others. She is just one of the thousands of beneficiaries of our partnership. The Archbishop of the ABC and I express our deepest thanks to all those who have supported this work over the past 40 years.”


Please pray for the Atlantic Baptist Women’s interMission conference, which will be held this weekend at Crandall University in Moncton. The event will feature Cheryl Bear, CBM’s Indigenous Relations Specialist, as the keynote speaker. Cheryl, who is an award-winning singer, songwriter and educator from the Nadleh Whut’en First Nations, will also be performing in concert. Please pray for strength and wisdom as she shares personal stories, interacts with attendees and ministers in song. CBM will also be selling products from our 323 Collective store, which features global craft makers and entrepreneurs willing to contribute their handiwork in service of those who need a hand up. The proceeds of these sales will go to support CBM projects around the world. Also, please remember to pray for CBM staff who will be travelling to Moncton to attend the event. Learn More

The Waddells

Michael and Melanie Waddell, CBM Field Staff based in the Philippines, are currently on home assignment in Canada with their four children – Kyla, Sean, Carter and Allie. The Waddells will spend most of their time in Eastern Canada, visiting various churches and conducting speaking engagements. Please pray that congregants and supporters would be encouraged by the work that God is doing in the Philippines in the area of Marketplace Ministries. May God provide the Waddells with strength, wisdom and guidance as they share their stories and updates. The Waddells will be returning to the Philippines in September, where they will settle into their new location in Roxas City in the province of Capiz. Pray for a smooth transition for them as they establish their new home and seek to make new connections. Meet the Waddells

Jonathan Wilson

Serving Globally  I have served the mission of God for over 40 years as a business manager, pastor, and professor. These days, I am overwhelmed by God’s grace in calling me to join with CBM in writing, teaching, training leaders, and learning with CBM’s partners around the world. I was born in Oklahoma City but learned to adapt to new cultures as we lived in 7 different towns and cities before I was 11. My father was a pastor and for many years served as General Director of Foreign Missions for the National Association of Free Will Baptists, USA. My mother authored Sunday School literature for pre-schoolers and their teachers. For five years I was a supervisor and then manager for Gaylord Entertainment in Nashville, TN. During this time I also completed a B.A. in Bible and Missions at Welch College. I then moved to Vancouver to study at Regent College, where I completed an M.C.S. and M.Div. While studying at Regent I was called to ministry by First Baptist Church, Vancouver, and ordained by Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. After pastoring Edmonds Baptist Church, Burnaby, BC, for six years, I completed a Ph.D. in theology at Duke University. Although I had hoped to return to a pastorate with the CBWC, no doors opened, so I spent the next 14 years teaching Christian undergraduates who were going into the marketplace; then for 14 years I taught and formed pastors, missionaries, and other leaders at Acadia Divinity College and Carey Theological College. I left my position at Carey in December 2017 and now serve as a Teaching Fellow at Regent College. Since 2011, I have also found great joy through teaching and preaching in Kenya, Costa Rica, Japan, and Korea. In my teaching and mentoring in person and in print, I aim to help people grow in the community of disciples of Jesus so that we may glorify God by obeying the Great Commandment and Great Commission. Among the books I have written are Why Church Matters: Worship, Ministry and Mission in Practice; God So Loved the World: A Christology for Disciples; Gospel Virtues: Practicing Faith, Hope, and Love in Uncertain Times; and God’s Good World: Reclaiming the Doctrine of Creation. I am married to Soohwan Park, a native of South Korea, who has spent over two decades in Bangladesh, Thailand, Canada and Israel. She has worked among the poorest of the poor, and directed multi-cultural training programs, global human resources and consulted on leadership projects for Christian nonprofits. Her current focus is to visit and encourage local churches in Fukushima, Japan since the triple disaster in March 2011. I am amazed by the opportunities that I now have through CBM to fulfill my life-long desire to serve the church outside North America in obedience to the Great Commandment and Great Commission. Latest Ministry Updates Support Cheryl

The Call to Follow

The Call to Follow is a global discipleship resource which will help inspire and stimulate your thinking about what it means to follow Jesus within ta global reality. This six session resource weaves together learning, action and prayer through three streams: individual, small groups and congregational so that you can engage in this resource together with others on the journey. Through biblical reflections, videos, discussion questions and Bible studies you will explore the global discipleship journey and what it means to live the way of Jesus in our world today. The Call to Follow can be compared to a map provided to help you navigate your journey into a deeper commitment to God's kingdom purposes. We welcome you to the journey that began thousands of years ago, and whose destination is a new heaven and new earth. Jesus told us that following him is costly and uncomfortable at times, but in doing so we will find our true purpose and deepest joy. Preview

Carters in Europe

Global Field Staff Jeff and Deann Carter have faithfully served in Europe for the past 15 years, helping to train youth leaders alongside CBM's partner, the European Baptist Federation. As they Carters now prepare to return to Canada for their next assignment to serve with the Baptist World Alliance, pray that they will be able to wrap up both their ministry and family details without too many challenges. Pray also for the thousands of European youth leaders who have been trained through Jeff and Deann's work – that they would continue to be strengthened in their own ministries. Press Release


We are grateful for the prayer support, our partner, the Association of Baptist of Rwanda (AEBR), has received from Canadian Baptists in recent months. This week, the AEBR will make a major change in leadership as Pastor Emmanuel Ndagijimana replaces Gato Munyamosoko, who is stepping down as the General Secretary. Please keep Gato in your prayers as he prepares for the next season in his ministry. Also, continue to uphold the AEBR and Emmanuel in prayer and ask that God would give him the wisdom and strength he needs to lead effectively.

South Sudan

From Africa Team Leaders, Aaron and Erica Kenny's recent blogpost: "Since November 2017, CBM and FEBAC [CBM's church partner in South Sudan] have been providing monthly rations to 570 vulnerable households recently returned to the community of Melut in South Sudan's Upper Nile State. As we help these returnees establish themselves, we recognize that many more internally displaced people are desperate for peace and an opportunity to return to their farms and homes." Please continue to pray for the millions who have been forced to flee and are anxious to resume their lives before the conflict. Ask God to care for those families who have been impacted by violence. Pray that He would bring peace to the country again. Read the Blog

Thailand – August 2019

The Golden Triangle of Asia is one of the largest areas of illegal drug production and trafficking in the world. Children and youth in this region are at high-risk of becoming involved in this trade. Share the love of Christ with them. Be a leader at an English camp for children and youth in Northern Thailand and help students learn and practice their English skills.

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Philippines – May – July 2019

Experience the adventure of immersing yourself in another culture through SENT Intensive. As God’s people, we are all sent out to live into the call of being disciples in a world of injustice. SENT Intensive gives you the opportunity to stretch yourself and fully embrace what you believe within another context. You will come home ready to see the world in a whole different way and put faith into action within your own community.

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CBM’S Commitment To Integral Mission WE, THE BOARD AND STAFF OF CANADIAN BAPTIST MINISTRIES,love God and we love his mission to build shalom - peace with justice - in a broken world. Our love for God and his mission is rooted in the fact that he rst loved us and rescued us in our brokenness. As a sign of our gratitude to him, we willingly and enthusiastically accept his invitation to join him in his mission. We are part of a global family of followers of Jesus Christ, called ‘the Church’ who seek to bring hope in a world of poverty, broken relationships, environmental destruction, lost hope and every type of oppression. Our call is to radical discipleship as followers of Christ. e way we do this is through integral mission.INTEGRAL MISSION WEAVES TOGETHER OUR WORDS & ACTIONS.Through our words, we share God’s love and redemption o ered in Jesus Christ, and invite people to respond by accepting the gift of a new life. rough our actions, we contribute to the healing and positive transformation of people and communities through physical, spiritual, economic, psychological and social programs. We believe that both parts are essential, neither takes priority over the other. Neither one should be done independently of the other. is is why we call our mission ‘integral’ – because we believe that each part is essential and necessary for the completeness of God’s desire for his creation. Just as people are made up of many parts, so too, the good news is really the sum of many di erent parts. ey cannot and should not be done separately from each other.WE ALSO LOVE THE CHURCH AND WANT TO SEE IT GROW.The Church is God’s visible presence in the world, a place of healing, growth and service. When people respond to the good news, they enter into communities of faith, committed to worship, teaching, witness and service. One of the ways we, as Christ’s followers, demonstrate our commitment to the Church is through baptism.At CBM, we see our most important contribution as helping strengthen our global partners’ capacity and commitment to provide integral mission initiatives within their local context. is is why education and training, resource development and accountability are essential to our programs.Love in action, word in deed, hope in healing, individuals in community – we love being part of God’s hope and mission in the world. And we love sharing the journey with you.In Wordeed, indeed. Read Online

Women’s Literacy

Although the literacy rate among young women in Rwanda has improved over the last decade, about 50% of women living in the Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda (AEBR) communities are illiterate. Many are in this situation because of the events surrounding the 1994 genocide that further eroded the ability of families to send their children to school. For girls living in poverty, the situation is particularly dif cult. Their families rely on them to care for siblings, to earn money as domestic workers, or do chores around the home while parents look for work on a daily basis. Getting an education for these girls is simply not the highest priority. For many women today, illiteracy has left them feeling isolated, self-conscious and unable to support the education of their children. The lack of literacy skills also affects their ability to be fully trained in economic initiatives which are key programs in emerging from cycles of poverty. “I’m very thankful to the AEBR literacy program for now I can read. It was so sad for me and my husband not to be able to help our children with their homework when they asked. My first three children we couldn’t help them, but gladly I can help the two youngest.” Pascasie, a mother of five children who bene ted from AEBR's literacy program. Get Involved How the Project Works Since 2010, CBM has worked alongside the AEBR to provide literacy classes for women. The majority of these women live on less than a dollar a day, mainly earned through subsistence agriculture. Many of them dream of learning a trade, getting a better job, even reading the Bible and teaching others to read as well. Because of this initiative they are each closer to realizing their dreams. Upon the successful completion of their literacy classes, each student receives a Bible. The Women’s Department of the AEBR mentors Bible study leaders to help these women read the Word and understand the plans God has for them. There is great potential for them to take leadership roles in their churches and communities.This program is now expanding to help even more women realize their potential. They will receive the necessary training in vital areas such as governance of savings and loan groups and the development of effective self-help groups.

Engaging the Next Generation in Atlantic Canada

CBM’s denominational partner, The Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC) is hosting their annual regional youth rally this weekend, May 11-12. One Conference, formally known as Springforth, will have up to 2,500 youth from across the region attending. Please pray for the success of the event, that last minute details would come together and lives of the youth attending would be changed. Learn More

Crisis Relief Funding

CBM is grateful to be one of the founding partners of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, an organization made up of 15 churches who work collaboratively on ending hunger. Due to the good work and reputation of the Foodgrains Bank and its member, we have been able to receive matching funds from the Canadian Government for food projects around the world. Pray that God would grant wisdom to the leadership of the Foodgrains Bank as they navigate conversations about potential changes in the way the government would fund disaster relief. As well, pray that all the church members of the Foodgrains Bank would continue to do effective work to help meet the needs of the world’s hungry. Learn More

Flooding in Rwanda

Since January Rwanda has been experiencing unusually heavy rainfall causing floods and landslides that are resulting in death and injury, damage to homes and crops, and destruction of infrastructure. There is typically a short dry season from December to February, but this year the rain was continuous. Please pray with us for the many people in Rwanda who have been impacted by these months of heavy rain. The Rwanda Ministry of Disaster Management issued a statement at the end of April which stated that there have been over 180 deaths and 215 injured, as well as extensive damage to crops, homes and roads. Please pray for the people who have been displaced and also for those who have lost family members, as well as staff who are travelling to visit project sites.

She Matters on Mother’s Day!

Since 2014, the She Matters campaign has been a significant advocacy campaign for gender equity that has educated, equipped and empowered marginalized women and girls globally. The campaign has helped raise awareness and support for initiatives that address gender bias in all spheres of society. Millions of women in our world have the potential to be the greatest influencers of change, but are denied the opportunity to develop their God-given gifts and abilities because they are female. However, gender inequity is not only a social and biblical injustice in the developing world. We turn the focus onto our own country through She Matters 4 Canada. Through this campaign, we are asking churches to go deeper in their understanding of the complex issues that prevent us from seeking reconciliation with Indigenous people in our own communities. We challenge Canadian Baptists to commit to listening to, learning from and walking alongside their Indigenous neighbours by seeking authentic engagement and rejecting demeaning stereotypes. In particular, we want to raise greater awareness on behalf of the high numbers of missing and murdered Indigenous women in our country. It’s a national crisis that needs more visibility. Canadian Indigenous women are disproportionately affected by all forms of violence. The homicide rate is 4.5 times higher among Indigenous women than all other women in the country. They are one of the most at-risk and marginalized groups within our society. We need you to tell the world that She Matters to God and to us. To help in this initiative we have asked Indigenous leader/singer-songwriter/educator Cheryl Bear of Nadleh Whut’en First Nation to serve as a resource and guide. As the spokesperson for the She Matters 4 Canada campaign and CBM’s Indigenous Relations Specialist, she will journey with churches as they seek deeper understanding of the challenges many First Nations communities face. When you support the She Matters campaign, you say “yes” to empowering girls and women who are devalued by the world. In addition to supporting the ongoing gender-focused programming that provides education, small business loans and leadership training to girls and women globally, you will also help further the reconciliation ministry of Cheryl Bear among churches and communities across Canada. Walk with her today and be part of creating a better future for all. Tell the world She Matters! Download Bulletin Insert

Clean Water Drinking Project

Faith Evangelical Baptist Church (FEBAC) South Sudan was founded in 2007 and currently operates in upper Nile State, Northern Bahr El Ghazal state, Unity State, Eastern Equatoria and Central Equatoria States where they have churches. Presently, there are 57 churches part of FEBAC across South Sudan. FEBAC's capacity to design and implement projects has been steadily rising. The main goal of the Clean Water Drinking project is to improve hygiene and sanitation for the beneficiaries by providing them with safe drinking water, and also preventing diseases caused by lack of clean water. A borehole will be drilled in Narus, Eastern Equatoria from which the IDPs and local residents will have access to safe drinking water, leaving more time to engage in other productive activities instead of spending long hours fetching for water, or having to hire donkeys at extra cost just to ferry water from distant places. The proposed borehole will be located in the southern part of Narus town, where there is a camp for IDPs. This location was chosen because the area experiences very dry seasons where the rivers dry up, leaving many households and IDPs with no source of drinking water. The residents have made numerous requests to FEBAC to be assisted in solving the persistent water problem, and to add another borehole to the one built in 2014. The beneficiaries will actively be involved in the project by way of providing the labour needed in the project. The local community in the area will also provide labour required, for clearing the borehole site, and providing the sand and ballast that will be used to erect the platform after the borehole has been drilled. The beneficiaries/county government will select the exact place where the borehole will be drilled. By forming a borehole management committee, they will be involved in monitoring and evaluation by providing impact stories to FEBAC explaining how the project has impacted their lives and incomes. Their feedback will therefore help in evaluating and gauging the success of the project. Get Involved How the Project Works The inhabitants of Narus are mainly the Toposa tribe, and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) that are members of from different tribes. The IDPs have lost everything, and left their places of origin. Modern farming methods have not been adopted in the county as the use of traditional farming methods is still widely used. Clean drinking water is not accessible to most households and the main sources of water are rivers and rain water. During the dry season, most of the women are forced to walk long distances and spend long hours fetching water. The drilling of the borehole in Narus will bene t 2000 households. The average household size is 7 people, so the project will bene t at least 14,000 persons. The beneficiaries are mainly IDP and local pastoralist households and will include youth, orphans, those that are disabled, and many others.

Victims of Sexual Violence

The war in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) between 1998 and 2003 involved several African countries and armed militia groups. It is considered one of the greatest humanitarian crises in the world, yet received little international media attention even during the height of the conflict. The violence has continued intermittently since 2003 due to the remaining presence of armed militias groups and ethnic conflict. Millions of civilian deaths resulted from the conflict as well as the hunger, abuse and disease that followed in its wake. The Church is working to minister to the spiritual, physical and psychological needs of those who have suffered the most. Among them are women who have been victims of sexual violence. It is well documented that rape was employed as a weapon of war by the Congolese army as well as the militia groups. As many as 50% of women reported being raped in some communities. As a sure sign of the disintegration of society, an increasing number of civilian men also started committing this crime against women. I was 16 and on my way to a good education and future. One day when I was home with my sister, four men in uniform broke into our house. They raped me and my sister. Now I have a baby to care for. The counsellors heard about me and came to my house.They got me to the hospital to get the care I needed. They invited me to a support group. I received a $50 loan to start a business. The problem is that my child has been sick so I had to use the money to buy medicine. I live with my sister and six other siblings. I try to care for them because my mother is dead and my father abandoned us. I have not gone back to school because I must look after my child so I do not know what the future holds. I try to cope by occupying myself with things that distract me. I pray every day that God will help me forget, and that I will be able to care for my child. Get Involved How the Project Works CBM has a partnership with the Communauté Baptiste au Centre de l’Afrique (CBCA) to care for women recovering from traumatic experiences. Support groups have been formed for these courageous women, and a handful of men, who have been subjected to sexual violence. Some of these women and girls became pregnant after being raped and are now struggling to support their children with little assistance. The CBCA women’s department helps meet the needs of these women by providing them with access to health care and counselling services, reintegrating them back into their families, and providing the means for skills training so they can support themselves and their children. CBM has committed to providing resources for this valuable ministry.

Hey! It’s Not Fair! – Her First Day of School

At least two-thirds of uneducated children in the world today are girls. Without access to educational opportunities, girls are at a higher risk to become marginalized and exploited. She is more likely to marry early, to contract HIV and AIDS, and has a higher chance of dying during childhood than her educated female peers. She is also less likely to own land, get a decent job, have a say in society or break out of the crushing cycle of poverty. A similar percentage (2/3) of illiterate adults in the world are women. Some of the reasons include extreme poverty, discrimination, culture, caregiving responsibilities and household duties. An uneducated woman often feels shame at being unable to write her name or help her children with homework. She can’t read documents and important paperwork. She feels isolated and does not have access to knowledge on nutrition or other health education that could greatly improve life for her family. She is vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. She Matters is CBM’s campaign to educate, equip and empower girls and women who have the potential to be the greatest influencers for change in their families and communities. One of the projects it supports is in India, among the Soura who live in Odisha State. In the early 1900s, tribal groups like the Soura were considered to be even lower than “untouchables” in the Indian social context at the time. Today they continue to live in remote, marginalized villages with limited access to government services, schools and health care facilities. Illiteracy rates are high. When children can attend school, it is most often the boys who are sent while girls remain behind at home to help with younger siblings, household chores and work in the fields. Tragically, they are often forced into early marriages with no other options available. Thanks to a literacy project supported by CBM, girls and women now have the chance to get an education. Part of this project includes health awareness campaigns and provision of seeds and training to start kitchen gardens for fresh fruit and vegetables. Meet Ponina Meet Ponina. She lives all the way over in India. Do you remember where that is? Let’s hear her story. I live in a small village with only 23 houses. When I was younger, I saw some children in villages around us go to school. It made me so sad that I couldn’t go. Instead I had to work with my family in the fields. We grow rice and cashews. But two years ago, something wonderful happened. Some people from our church asked if we wanted to have literacy classes in our village. They would offer it in the evenings, after our work in the fields. You can imagine how excited I was to finally have the chance to study. Many others joined, mostly women, of all ages. The oldest person in my class is our village mom. Everyone loves her! She is over 70 years old, but also wanted

Flooding in Northeast Province in Kenya

Local churches in Garissa County are asking for prayer as they have experienced heavy rainfall in the past few weeks which has made the Tana River overflow. Over 70% of Tana River county has been flooded and only a small amount of the land remains accessible. It is reported that dozens of villages have been swallowed up by water. Pray for people who have been displaced due to the floods. Ask God to provide the resources needed to prevent a widespread humanitarian crisis from taking place and that he would give comfort to those who have been impacted. Learn More