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She Matters

She Matters is a multi-year campaign for gender equity – to educate, equip and empower girls and women who have the potential to be the greatest influencers for change in their families and communities, through raising funds and awareness. By addressing social injustices like gender bias in education, equal opportunity for skills and job training, as well as enhanced learning and leadership opportunities to empower women leaders, we are helping transform her life and her family’s future through She Matters.

We are pleased to report that over $329,000 has been raised by you and the nearly 300 church champions of She Matters across Canada! Here are just a few highlights in this global campaign. (do we want a map to mark countries where projects supported? Or a list of projects and countries supported?)

Prayers for Venezuela

In response to the recent arrest of Baptist leader Gregory José Pérez, the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) is mobilizing efforts to connect with government authorities to encourage his release as well as providing financial resources to local ministries that are responding to needs of Venezuelans, both within the country and displaced refugees in neighboring nations.

Emad and Almess Botros

Emad and Almess are both involved in mentoring students in ministry and leadership skills and Emad serves as a lecturer in the areas of Old Testament and Islamic studies. The Botros’ would like to ask for prayers of thanksgiving for the students studying at ABTS.

SENT Trip to Dominican Republic 

A group of young people from across Canada are preparing to travel to Dominican Republic over their March Break, March 1-10, 2019, on a SENT trip. They will be travelling to the community of Sosúa, located in one of the most impoverished areas in the country. The team will be working alongside the Church of Reconciliation in Sosúa to the local community through children’s programs, music, sports outreach, construction and English lessons. Please pray for the team as they prepare for their trip, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Pray that they would truly embrace what they believe and live out their calling to be disciples in a world of injustice. Pray also for their safety as they travel, health for everyone involved and the people they will serve who live in this vulnerable community very different from their own. Ask God to move the hearts of the team members to become lifelong advocates for justice.

David and Suzannah Nacho

Global Field Staff David and Suzannah Nacho give thanks for the recent home assignment they've just concluded. They have been in Canada since November and are grateful for the meaningful times of connection they’ve shared with supporting churches and individuals over the past months. Please pray for their safety as they return to Costa Rica and help the children ease back into school routines. Uphold the CETI program they serve with in your prayers, as it seeks to strengthen the capacity of local churches, leaders, pastors and professionals by building bridges between faith and life through transformation of families, churches, work and society.

Matching Gift 2019

Reweaving shalom means to sacrificially thread, lace, and press your time, goods, power, and resources into the lives and needs of others. This quote from Timothy Keller reminds me how Canadian Baptists have been weaving these threads together for over 150 years to help those suffering due to poverty. Recently a friend of CBM read our Mosaic magazine series on faith, hope and love. She was encouraged by how those same values guide her own life. She recognizes her own heart at the heart of CBM and she wants to encourage you to do the same. She is offering to match your gift to CBM if you respond before April 10, 2019. For every $1 of support we receive, she will match it 1:1, up to $80,000. It is incredibly humbling for me to write that sentence to you! We are blessed by her generosity. Let me take you to two different places where I will share the impact your support can have if you act now. These are places where I’ve seen firsthand what poverty and its effects look like on people’s lives and examples of the work we do in helping to reduce poverty globally. Four kilometres from the nearest road, in the foothills of the Ghat mountains of India, there is a small village which I accessed after crossing a stream. Two simple boreholes provide some water for all 25 families and their livestock and gardens. This is where I met Kosavi. She grew up here. Now she and her husband are raising three children under the age of 12. Their daily diet includes rice, vegetables and dal. On Sunday, they get some extra protein from mutton or chicken. There is little hope for improvement in their quality of life or educational opportunities for her children. In this place, your presence comes through CBM and a group of Christians from a local church who run a project called Rural Education and Development (RED). Their goal is to share God’s love for those in need. During their visits, RED instructs community members on how to cultivate kitchen gardens, grow vegetables, store their crops and pool their resources for communal support. It is model of ministry often called a “self-help group.” It is a living example of the interwoven nature of poverty reduction with dignity that comes through authentic relationships. Kosavi expressed her appreciation this way, “This program is very important to us because, apart from the support money we are getting from RED, we feel very happy that there are some people who really care for us.” Your support today will ensure that the RED project will continue to provide hope and support to people like Kosavi and her family. From rural India, where CBM has faithfully served for over a century, let me take you to another village called Sirigual in the mountains of rural El Salvador, where one of our newest projects is located. Imagine living in a community that lacks

Carla Nelson

Serving in Canada/Africa Carla Nelson, PhD, is Senior Associate - Africa Liaison & Educational Specialist.    Based in Canada, Carla works with CBM’s International Partnerships team and Field Staff serving in Africa. She has extensive experience as a teacher, administrator and mentor in education. Since 2007, she has served as Tyndale University College’s Director of Bachelor Education Program and as the Associate Professor of Education for the past eight years. Carla previously worked with CBM as its Educational Facilitator and Coordinator of Teacher Professional Development in Kenya.  As a significant portion of CBM’s global ministries involves supporting the education of children and the theological programs of our global partners, Carla's extensive experience greatly benefits both partners and programs. As Africa Liaison, Carla works alongside Africa Deputy Team Leader André Sibomana in supporting CBM’s initiatives, strengthening our educational programs with partners internationally and exploring new educational opportunities. Carla received her MDiv From Tyndale Seminary and her MEd and PhD from the University of Alberta. In 2014, Carla was named one of Canada’s 100 Fantastic Christian Women Leaders by the Bridgeway Foundation. She is married to former CBM General Secretary, Gary Nelson and they have one adult daughter, a son-in-law and four grandchildren.  Latest Ministry Updates Support Carla

Field Staff in East Asia

CBM Field Staff in East Asia work serving in the areas of church transformation, planting of new congregations, mentoring young adults, and supporting vulnerable children. Although churches in parts of East Asia face many restrictions and persecution, they are continuing to grow and become more involved with mission. CBM’s Chinese Ministries Team is praying through personnel changes. Please pray for discernment regarding where the Spirit is leading them and for the team to become stronger and closer throughout the process. Pray also for wisdom for the team as they deal with staff changes. Pray for guidance and safety for all Field Staff as they continue to navigate their missions amid the complexities of ministry in the East Asia context.

Staff Travels

Many CBM staff members are travelling throughout February. Jon Williams will be in the Philippines, John Chan is travelling to India, Gordon Brew is going to England and India, while Patricia will be in Rwanda and other African countries. CBM Executive Director Terry Smith will also be travelling. CBM’s Canadian Regional Representatives are also constantly on the road throughout winter. All travel activities are very import to fulfill our ministry responsibilities on behalf of Canadian Baptists. Please pray for the health and safety of all CBM staff travelling throughout February. Pray also for staff working in the office to manage increased workloads which are inevitable when other staff are out of the office. Pray for the work of those travelling: for fruitful connections with Field Staff and congregations, for protection against illness, and for wisdom to increase CBM’s reach to bring hope and healing to a broken world through local churches. 

Winter Storm Warnings in Canada

Winter storm warnings and extreme cold alerts have been regularly in effect across Canada in recent weeks, creating dangerous driving conditions, health issues, and expensive hydro bills, which many Canadians living in Northern communities struggle to afford. Winter also creates many challenges for Canadians living on the streets. Please pray for Canadians who are struggling to heat their homes this winter. Pray also for municipal leadership to provide enough food, shelter and resources for the homeless population. Pray for Canadians living on the streets to have access to shelter, proper winter clothing, warm meals and the loving concern of people in their communities.

Conflict in Sudan

Even though the Sudanese Church has been hard pressed on every side in the past few years, God has been using it in amazing ways to further His Kingdom in the country, through CBM partner, Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS). We ask you to pray for the church to continue being a lighthouse to the Sudanese people living under the current turbulent political and economic circumstances. Recent protests began on December 19, 2018 in the northeastern city of Atbara, and quickly spread to protests nationwide and fears of further unrest have been accentuated. The cost of food, fuel and other common goods have skyrocketed, making it nearly impossible for families to access basic supplies. Join our ABTS community in prayer for Sudan. Please pray for peace, economic stabilization and safety for the people of Sudan. Support the Work

United Nations International Day of Education

January 24, 2019 marks the first United Nations International Day of Education. The day was created to highlight the integral role education plays in peace and development. Without inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong opportunities for all, countries will not succeed in achieving gender equality and breaking the cycle of poverty that is leaving millions of children, youth and adults behind. According to the UN, today there are 262 million children and youth still do not attend school; 617 million children and adolescents cannot read and do basic math; less than 40% of girls in sub-Saharan Africa complete lower secondary school and some four million children and youth refugees are out of school. Please pray that all children would receive their right to education and that governments and all stakeholders would make universal quality education a leading priority. Also pray that all people may have access to lifelong learning opportunities that help them to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to access opportunities to participate fully in society and contribute to sustainable development. Lastly, please pray for the educational theological training CBM facilitates in places like: Bethel Bible Institute, Thailand; Seminario Teologico Bautista, Bolivia; Institute of Evangelical Theology, in Rwanda; AEBR Regional Bible Schools, Rwanda; Andhra Christian Theological College, Hyderabad; Kakinada Theological Seminary, Kakinada.

CBM Welcomes Carla Nelson

Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) is pleased to announce the appointment of Carla Nelson, PhD, to the newly created position of Senior Associate – Africa Liaison & Educational Specialist, effective January 1, 2019. Carla will be based in Canada working with CBM’s International Partnerships team and with Field Staff serving in Africa. This new appointment comes in response to ministry shifts within the region and the desire to strengthen educational programs with partners internationally. A significant portion of CBM’s global ministries involve supporting the education of children and the theological programs of our global partners. As Africa Liaison, Carla will work alongside Africa Deputy Team Leader André Sibomana in supporting CBM’s initiatives. In this role she will explore new opportunities and make recommendations to strengthen current educational initiatives. Please pray for Carla are she starts her new role at CBM. Pray for CBM’s International Partnerships team and for Field Staff serving in Africa as they work to strengthen and grow CBM’s educational partner programs alongside Carla. Pray also for Carla and her family, her husband, former CBM General Secretary, Gary Nelson, their daughter, son-in-law and four grandchildren, as she transitions into her new position at CBM. Read the Press Release

Working in Lebanon

Please pray for our field staff in Lebanon, Emad and Almess Botro and their two boys Timothy and Nathaniel. Pray for Emad as he continues to work on his PhD dissertation. His next chapter is due by the end of January 2019. Emad and Almess were appointed by CBM in January 2015 to serve at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Lebanon. Emad serves as a lecturer in the areas of Old Testament and Islamic studies at ABTS. Please pray for the resources and models for ministry in the Middle Eastern context that Emad is developing. Pray for Almess as she explores opportunities to work with Iraqi and Syrian refugees. Please pray for the Botros family and for doors to continue to open and further their ministry.

Surviving in South Sudan

Pray for South Sudan as the uprising continues. The country continues to struggle economically and politically. Civil war and famine have ravaged South Sudan for five years now, killing almost 400,000 people and forcing more than 2.4 million to flee to neighbouring countries. Please pray for peace and rest during this time. Pray for the poor and starving, the widows and the orphans. CBM has been working with partner, Faith Evangelical Baptist Church (FEBAC) for the past six years. FEBAC has 96 churches throughout Sudan. Please pray for their mission and that they would receive the resources needed to continue building capacity in the areas of leadership building, food security projects, water projects and peacebuilding. Read More

Snow and Syrian Refugees

Please continue to pray for Syrian refugees struggling to survive Lebanon’s harsh winter while living in refugee camps. Last week, a huge snow storm buried Lebanon in snow and closed schools and businesses for two days. The storm caused refugee tents to flood and freeze. The refugees have nowhere else to go and officials say it’s the worst storm the camps have ever experienced. Please pray for refugee families to stay warm and receive the resources they need to make it through the winter. Pray for our field staff in Lebanon to access how they can best continue to support Syrian refugees.

Ebola Crisis

Please pray for the victims of the Ebola crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Since the outbreak in DRC began in August 2018, there have been 608 cases and 368 deaths in North Kivu and Ituri provinces. CBM has ongoing projects in this region, through our church partner, the Baptist Church in Central Africa (CBCA). CBCA has been equipping churches, schools and other public places with hygiene kits. They have also led awareness campaigns within local communities to prevent the virus from spreading. Due to the instability of the region and its proximity to borders, health officials say the virus has been difficult to contain. Please pray for stability in the region and the security of the health facilities. Pray also for affected populations to trust the response efforts and work with the responders to contain the outbreak. Pray for the responders who are working tirelessly to end the crisis.