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She Matters

She Matters is a multi-year campaign for gender equity – to educate, equip and empower girls and women who have the potential to be the greatest influencers for change in their families and communities, through raising funds and awareness. By addressing social injustices like gender bias in education, equal opportunity for skills and job training, as well as enhanced learning and leadership opportunities to empower women leaders, we are helping transform her life and her family’s future through She Matters.

We are pleased to report that over $329,000 has been raised by you and the nearly 300 church champions of She Matters across Canada! Here are just a few highlights in this global campaign. (do we want a map to mark countries where projects supported? Or a list of projects and countries supported?)

Board Meetings

CBM will be welcoming the Board of Directors at our Mississauga office next week for the annual fall meetings. Please pray for those who will be travelling from out of town to attend the sessions, which will take place from October 24-27. This is the first meeting that Heather Rumble-Peterson, the board’s new president, will preside over. She replaces Malcolm Card who has been president for the last three years. Please pray for Heather as she transitions into her new role and seeks to build strong relationships and lead with wisdom. We also pray for Malcolm Card as he transitions out of this role and looks ahead to what God has in store for him next. At this meeting, new board members and invited guests will also be in attendance. Please pray that they would serve with passion and commitment as they take on this new responsibility. May the meetings, discussions and plans that are established be pleasing to God as we endeavour to serve the world’s poor through the ministry of CBM. BOARD MEMBERS

Cheryl Bear

CBM Indigenous Relations Specialist Cheryl Bear will be arriving in Ontario next week to speak and perform at conferences and churches. This weekend, Cheryl will be one of the speakers at “Walking the Good Way Together”, an Indigenous conference hosted by the Trent Valley Association of Baptist Churches. The event will include interactive exercises and presentations from Indigenous scholars, leaders and residential school survivors. Please pray that God would strengthen Cheryl as she delivers her message and interacts with church and community leaders. We also pray that the conference would be a time of restoration and renewal for all who are in attendance. Over the next few weeks, please continue to keep Cheryl in your prayers as she works through a very busy schedule, connects with CBM staff and prepares for upcoming initiatives.  LEARN MORE

Emo Yango

CBM Field Staff Emo Yango is based in Canada and supports CBM projects in Southeast Asia. In his role, he provides leadership training, theological education and oversees local Bible translation projects. In a recent update, Emo shared the following prayer requests:  In preparation for my next training/teaching trip, I will spend the next month or so putting together four courses: Missions and the Kingdom of God; Peace and Justice in the Kingdom of God; Liberation Theology (in the context of the Karen's fight for independence in Myanmar); and A Theology of Farming (in the context of rural pastors engaged in agricultural business). Please pray for wisdom and guidance.  I continue to provide weekly oversight and training to a Bible translation project in the Philippines. Part of the training is also introducing the translators to other books of the Bible.  We are currently doing an overview of the letters in the New Testament. Please pray that this training goes well. MEET EMO

SENT Trip to Germany

A team from Markham Chinese Baptist Church in Ontario will be departing for a trip to Germany on October 24, returning November 5. The seven-member team is participating in CBM’s SENT program, which provides Canadians with hands-on global discipleship experiences. Working with CBM Field Staff Lewis and Felain Lam, the team will be reaching out to the large number of Chinese students studying in German universities. Pray for strength, wisdom and God’s leading as each member seeks to serve the needs of these students. Also, please pray that this experience would be enriching for each of the participants and would ignite a passion in their hearts for mission. LEARN MORE

Pastor Duodu

CBM Field Staff Conrad and Fiona Kwok will be introducing Pastor Duodu – a Myanmese pastor with a heart for the Lahu tribe – to Canadian Baptist churches from October 18-31. Pastor Duodu has a vision to bring the gospel to 100 remote Lahu villages in the next 10 years. The Lahu people are an ethnic minority group that maintains a traditional farming lifestyle in the mountainous regions of Myanmar’s Shan State. Pastor Duodu began partnering with CBM last year to better support community development in the area. Please pray for his upcoming visit, as he will be sharing updates about CBM’s Lahu project as well as future plans. Pray that churches would be inspired to continue their support as he speaks about what God has been doing among the Lahu tribe. May Pastor Duodu be refreshed, encouraged and strengthened to continue serving in Myanmar.   LEARN MORE

World Food Day

October 16 is World Food Day, which promotes awareness about the need for food security around the world. According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), more than 820 million people are suffering from chronic undernourishment. This year’s theme is “Our Actions are our Future”, which challenges us to fight against hunger and malnutrition. “Zero hunger means working together to ensure everyone, everywhere, has access to the safe, healthy and nutritious food they need. To achieve it, we must adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, work with others, share our knowledge and be willing to help change the world – for the better,” says the FAO.  Please pray for the well-being of rural farmers who face uncertain times due to drought and climate change. As CBM continues to partner with local churches around the world to introduce sustainable agricultural methods and alternative income-generating activities, pray that farmers and their communities would begin to rise above the cycle of poverty. May we strengthen our commitment as a global community to support those who need it most. LEARN MORE

Emergency Response: Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami 2018

A 7.5-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami has devastated Indonesia’s Sulawesi island. The disaster has claimed more than 1,300 lives and has left over 61,000 people displaced and injured. They are in desperate need of food, water and shelter. Homes and buildings have been destroyed, and many survivors are still missing loved ones. CBM will be working through the Baptist Forum for Aid and Development’s global network to respond to the crisis in Indonesia. Your donation will help provide food, supplies and psychosocial support to those in need. Thank you for your generosity and faithful support. Give Now

Kamp Tumaini

In August 2018, we held the fourth summer of Kamp Tumaini in Kenya. Volunteers from across Canada, from New Brunswick to British Colombia, joined us in leading three camps with our Kenyan partners. Along with days of music, fun, and laughter, the camps provided times for sharing, prayer, and encouragement. Over these past six years of preparation, training and ministry, Kamp Tumaini has introduced a new way of approaching children’s and youth ministry among our Kenyan and South Sudanese partners. It has been wonderful to witness ministers and executive leaders from our denominational partners un-tuck their shirts and play with the campers. In many ways this ministry has been breaking down walls of separation and formality within our church partners. Kamp Tumaini has fostered an important shift in the focus of once educational ministries of the church towards the emotional and social needs of children in their spiritual formation. CBM is presently recruiting volunteers to be a part of the next chapter of Kamp Tumaini, which is being planned for Bolivia in 2019 and Thailand in 2020. You can learn more about the opportunity by contacting Adrian Gardner at Read the Blog

Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami

Please join us in praying for those affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Indonesia’s Sulawesi island last Friday. The disaster, which has claimed the lives of more than 1,200 people, has left survivors injured and displaced. Please pray that God would give strength and endurance to emergency responders who are putting their own lives at risk to reach those trapped under rubble. Pray that God would guide and protect them as they serve their community in this sacrificial way. Also, remember to pray for the children who are now left as orphans due to this disaster. We pray that surviving families and communities would come alongside those in need as they seek to rebuild their lives in the aftermath. May God’s comfort and peace be with those who are mourning the loss of loved ones – both in Indonesia and around the world. LEARN MORE

SENT Trip to El Salvador

A team of youth pastors from across Canada will be embarking on a trip to El Salvador on October 13, returning on October 20. Through CBM’s SENT program, which provides Canadians with hands-on global discipleship experiences, the team will be connecting with local church leaders and community members. As they visit various projects and see the effects of our work first-hand, pray that God would give them a deeper passion for mission and would show them how they can get involved. Also, please pray for the health and safety of each team member as they travel through different regions of El Salvador. May the children and families we seek to serve be blessed by the love and support of the team. GO AND LEARN

The Haddads

Elie and Mireille Haddad are based in Lebanon and serve as Team Leaders for the Middle East and North Africa region. Elie also serves as President of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut, equipping leaders for ministry in Arab-speaking nations. Mireille works primarily with women who have fled conflict-affected areas and are trying to rebuild their lives in Lebanon. The Haddads shared the following prayer requests in a recent update:   Praise God that we received the first batch of visas for our new students. Please keep praying as we are still waiting on a few more. This is a challenge every year to get visas for new students.  Please pray for Elie as he is in the middle of a very busy travel season.  Please pray for Mireille who has started a new role in her ministry, developing a discipleship Bible study curriculum for refugees in Lebanon.   MEET THE HADDADS

Home Assignment

Latin America Team Leaders Bruno and Kathleen Soucy will be arriving in Canada this weekend to begin a three-month home assignment. The Soucys will spend most of their time in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, visiting churches and attending meetings. Please pray for strength and grace as they manage a busy schedule and share how God has been working through our ministries in the region. The Soucys are currently based in Bolivia, but they will be transitioning to Guatemala following their home assignment.  In a recent update, the Soucys shared the following prayer requests:  Preparations for our home assignment in Canada and good connections as we travel, speak and reconnect with our supporters and friends from Sept. 30 - Jan. 8. Transition to Guatemala – for good connections with churches, leaders and cultural guides as we move into a new area. And for a home in a safe location where we can make good friends and be engaged in our community.   For our Bolivian partners and CBM staff as they work together to support the work of the local church.   Thank you for praying for our families in Canada – our children and grandchildren who miss regular physical support and connection with us, and our mothers, both now widows at 82 (Bruno’s mom, Lucile) and 95 (Kathleen’s mom, Barbara). MEET THE SOUCYS

SENT Trips to Germany

Teams from two churches in Ontario will be travelling to Germany to serve through CBM’s SENT program, which provides Canadians with hands-on global discipleship experiences. The team from Richmond Hill Christian Community Church will depart on October 10 to Gottingen to serve alongside CBM Field Staff Lewis and Felain Lam during their 10-day trip. The second team from Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church will be in Marburg from October 9-25, serving with CBM Field Staff Xiaodan Gang. Both teams will be reaching out to Chinese university students, building relationships and offering assistance with their practical needs. Please pray for the safety, health and strength of each volunteer. May the students be blessed by the support and encouragement of these two teams. GO AND LEARN

Tahaddi Project

CBM’s Tahaddi Project helps provide medical assistance to Syrian refugees living in Lebanon. Please join us in praying for the families that receive support from this project, as many of them live in the poorest regions of Beirut and struggle to meet their basic needs. Pray especially for young babies and children, who are most susceptible to illness, that they would have access to the medical care and treatment they need to thrive. Also, please pray for the staff and our local partners who regularly interact with the Syrian refugees in the area. We pray that God would give them wisdom and direction as they make decisions and carry out their daily tasks. May the individuals and families they work with sense the love of God through their faithful service.  DONATE NOW

Africa Deputy Team Leader

CBM Field Staff André Sibomana, based in Rwanda, has been appointed Deputy Team Leader for Africa. We praise God for this new development, as he will provide an African voice to the leadership of our work in the region. In this role, André will work alongside CBM’s African church partners to determine and accomplish shared objectives. He will also help the Africa Team Leaders to coach and empower our Field Staff. Pray for André as he takes on these new responsibilities and seeks to strengthen relationships with our partners and staff. We pray for a smooth transition, as well as grace and wisdom throughout the process. André is married and has five children – remember to pray a blessing over his family as well.  LEARN MORE

International Day of Peace

September 21 is the United Nations’ (UN) International Day of Peace. This day is “devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples,” says information from the UN. This year’s theme, “The Right to Peace,” also celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We pray that peace would come to nations in conflict, alleviating the poverty and suffering that results from war. Pray for nations that are at risk of war, that discord would not take root and that peace would be established. Also, please remember to pray for the next generation of young people. May they know the joys of peace from an early age and value the ideals of peace and reconciliation. LEARN MORE

Field Staff in India

Please join us in praying for CBM Field Staff CP Raju, who serves alongside our partners in India. He works to ensure our projects and programs are reflecting the heart of Integral Mission – sharing the love of God in word and deed. He also serves in the areas of project management and reporting, budgeting, and personnel deployment. CP requests prayer for the following needs:   Kindly pray for my daughter's studies, as she is starting a new course, and for the financial resources. Pray for my son, who is studying for his MBA (International Business), also for me and my wife.  Pray for our partners, the Kui tribal people and the continuing needs for their programs  Pray that the churches in India would understand the real meaning of Integral Mission and fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ  Pray for the tribal people, that they would have equality and dignity of life    MEET CP

SENT Trip to the Philippines

A team from Mississauga City Baptist Church is currently serving in the Philippines through the SENT program. Returning on September 21, the team will spend most of their time working with child care centres and supporting local church communities. Please pray for the health and safety of the team, as the group will be travelling to several locations throughout Capiz Province. Pray that their interactions with the children, parents and community members would reflect the light of Christ. Also, we pray that each team member would be inspired to put their faith into action when they return home. MEET THE TEAM

Global Poverty and Hunger

About 815 million people around the world go to bed hungry every night. Please pray for those suffering from the effects of extreme poverty and hunger. Pray especially for young children, who are most susceptible to illness and death. The Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB), which is a partnership of 15 Canadian churches and church-based agencies, has launched a campaign to encourage the Canadian government to increase its commitment to global aid. Compared to other wealthy nations, Canada gives much less towards ending global poverty on average. To let the Prime Minister know that we can give more to global aid, CFGB is inviting Canadians to sign and mail an "i care" postcard to Ottawa. Please pray that our government leaders would recognize the urgent need to alleviate suffering and poverty around the world. May the hearts of Canadians be moved with compassion to stand up for the poor.  LEARN MORE

Field Staff in Kenya

Please join us in praying for CBM Field Staff Ruth Munyao, who is based in Kenya. In her role, Ruth manages CBM’s food security program in Africa and ensures that best practices are modeled. Please pray that God would give Ruth wisdom and grace as she supports food security staff and seeks to implement sustainable farming practices that would help impoverished communities to better meet the needs of their families. Ruth also shared the following prayer requests:  Pray for peace in Kenya and the whole of Africa  Pray for adequate rains and for the farming community as they try to adapt to the harsh climate Pray that my family would grow closer to God  MEET RUTH

DRC Ebola Crisis

Please continue to pray for our response to the Ebola crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The outbreak, which was declared an emergency last month, is centred in North Kivu province – one of CBM’s main project areas in the country. Health officials report that 116 people have been infected, including 77 deaths, most of which have been confirmed by lab results. Our church partner in DRC, the Baptist Church in Central Africa (CBCA), has been working alongside the World Health Organization and other NGOs to distribute supplies and promote awareness. The CBCA continues to provide training workshops for local church leaders to prevent the virus from spreading. In a recent workshop, 143 leaders from the region participated in the training. Please pray for these leaders as they share this life-saving information with their congregations and seek to better serve their communities during these uncertain times. The CBCA has also distributed hygiene kits to churches, schools and health facilities. We pray that God would strengthen all those involved in the emergency response efforts, and that He would comfort those who are mourning. EBOLA CRISIS

Literacy Day

September 8 is the United Nations’ International Literacy Day. This year, the focus will be on literacy and skills development – for employment, careers and livelihoods. The day will also highlight the need for transferable skills and digital skills. Please join us in praying for the 750 million people around the world who are unable to read or write, making them more susceptible to poverty. Pray particularly for the well-being of women – they make up two-thirds of illiterate adults worldwide. CBM works alongside our church partner in Rwanda, the Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda, to provide literacy training for impoverished women. Please pray that women would be encouraged to take part in these sessions and would feel a sense of dignity as they learn. We also pray that their new literacy skills would empower them to improve their income sources and better care for their children. LEARN MORE

Chinese Ministries Team Leaders

Based in Thailand, Conrad and Fiona Kwok are CBM’s Chinese Ministries Team Leaders. They shared the following prayer requests in a recent update: Please pray for our spiritual and physical health, so that we can serve God in the long term and be pleasing to Him.  Please pray for our daughter and son-in-law in Toronto, and our son working in London. May they have a closer walk with the Lord.  Please pray for wisdom, as we are new in the Team Leader position. Pray that we would not lean on our own knowledge and experience.  Please pray for students and alumni of the Bethel Bible Institute in Thailand. May their walk and work be pleasing to God.  Please pray for the Lahu project in Myanmar, as they are preparing to supply water to one of the remote villages.  MEET THE KWOKS