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She Matters

She Matters is a multi-year campaign for gender equity – to educate, equip and empower girls and women who have the potential to be the greatest influencers for change in their families and communities, through raising funds and awareness. By addressing social injustices like gender bias in education, equal opportunity for skills and job training, as well as enhanced learning and leadership opportunities to empower women leaders, we are helping transform her life and her family’s future through She Matters.

We are pleased to report that over $329,000 has been raised by you and the nearly 300 church champions of She Matters across Canada! Here are just a few highlights in this global campaign. (do we want a map to mark countries where projects supported? Or a list of projects and countries supported?)

Canada Day

On July 1, 2019 we celebrate our beautiful country’s birthday. The current motto, A Mari usque ad Mare, is taken from Psalm 72, and appears on Canada's coat of arms. The original Latin motto is taken from Psalm 72: "He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth." May He have Dominion indeed. Pray for Canada, that its people will know Him, that a revival would stir hearts. Pray for the Canadian government - for wisdom, courage and integrity. Pray for justice, healing and reconciliation for all. Pray for the safety of our communities, for protection against violence and crime.  

Carla Nelson

Carla Nelson, PhD, is CBM’s Senior Associate – Africa Liaison & Educational Specialist. She supports CBM’s initiatives, strengthening existing and exploring new educational programs with partners internationally. Pray for students at Bible College in Kigali, Rwanda as they learn about peace-building and reconciliation from Field Staff  Gato Munyamasoko. Pray that Gato and the students be encouraged as they carry out their work in reconciliation. Pray for the women in the literacy group in Rwanda as they learn to read, write and count in their mother tongue of Kinyarwanda. Pray that they are able to find employment.  

David and Suzannah Nacho

The Nachos serve in the area of leadership formation and theological education in Latin America. Their ministry out of Costa Rica has local, regional and global impact through CETI (Center for Interdisciplinary Theological Studies), a learning community of students, faculty and administrators. Master’s, certificate and open course programs are used to strengthen the capacity of local churches, leaders, pastors and professionals.   CETI has been undergoing a process of restructuring for the past few years. Pray for David as his role changes from Dean of the Master’s program to Dean of Basic level. Pray for the work to continue to flourish and for the material to be useful as a tool for Canadian churches. Pray that the Nachos will be able to grow their participation in their local church, for David to be able to move forward in obtaining his Ph.D and for their children to forge deep, trustworthy friendships at school.  

André Sibomana

André serves with CBM in Rwanda as Africa Deputy Team Leader. He works alongside CBM’s African church partners to determine and accomplish shared objectives, as well as take over for the Kennys as they move forward from CBM and into the next season in their lives. This includes helping to coach and empower our Global Field Staff. He also provides support for Canadian church partnerships and facilitate SENT trips, which provide Canadians with hands-on global discipleship experiences.  Please pray for wisdom and strength for André as he steps into his new role and takes on new responsibilities. Pray for teamwork and for long term plans as they are carried out. Pray for his colleagues - the Africa field staff and CBM partners in Africa as they continue the mission in Africa. Please pray for his family and children, for safe travels and good health.  

Elie and Mireille Haddad

Elie and Mireille Haddad serve with CBM in Lebanon as Team Leaders for the Middle East and North Africa region. They help the team reach organizational ends by directing, coaching and empowering CBM Field Staff and assisting our national partners. The Haddads promote their sphere of ministry both on the field and here in Canada, and they help shape the agenda for the future. Elie also serves as President of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Beirut, Lebanon, which equips leaders for the church in the entire Arabic-speaking world.  Please pray for all the year-end activities at ABTS, including graduation and the Middle East Consultation, which tackles issues that have to do with ministry in a Muslim context. Pray that the outcome of the consultation will be transformative for all. Please pray that the graduating class finishes strong and as they prepare to go back to their countries to serve God. There can be a lot of uncertainty for some of them, especially the Syrian and Sudanese. Pray for wisdom and discernment as they navigate this next phase of their ministry. Please pray for Sudan and for its churches to remain a guiding light for the communities there. 

International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

(Photo from the United Nations) On June 26, the world recognizes International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. All across the globe, this day focuses on awareness about the harm that illicit drugs cause and identifies steps to move towards a society that does not use, abuse and traffic illegal drugs. According to the United Nations, “justice and health work hand in hand when it comes to addressing drug problems.” Pray for a justice system that will help those with drug addictions. Pray that those suffering from drug addiction will be freed and healed, to get the treatment they need and for proper drug prevention. Pray that people will stop taking advantage of those addicted to drug use, and for illicit trafficking to come to a halt.   CBM Global Field Staff Conrad and Fiona Kwok work with drugs rehabilitation centres in Northern Thailand, sharing the Gospel. If you want to help fight against illicit drug abuse and trafficking, please consider making a donation at and indicate "drug rehabilitation".

Dan and Melody Grove

Dan and Melody are CBM Strategic Associates who work with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Cameroon. Along with a team of missionaries and nationals, they are working towards translating the New Testament into 10 languages and developing literacy programs in the Ndop Plain, Northwest Cameroon. Currently, Cameroonian colleagues have formed a Cluster Service Team, who are taking on more responsibility in leading and managing the translation project. Please pray for wisdom and perseverance as everyone transitions into new roles. Please pray for the Cluster Service Team as they continue to work in the midst of the Anglophone civil war that is ongoing in Cameroon. Pray especially for clarity of direction for the work to be done - as they set up an office and find safe housing for the teams.

Emad and Almess Botros and Sudan

Emad and Almess were appointed by CBM to serve at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Lebanon. Emad serves as a lecturer in the areas of Old Testament and Islamic studies. His desire is to equip and empower students with sufficient tools to develop their understanding of the Old Testament and how to apply it in their Middle Eastern and North Africa setting. Emad is also developing resources and models for ministry in that context. While both Emad and Almess are involved in mentoring students in ministry and leadership skills, Almess also explores opportunities to work with Iraqi and Syrian refugees. Please pray for the health of the whole Botros family as they are going through a time of sickness. Pray for a fruitful and productive time during the Middle East team consultation on June 17 to 21, 2019. Pray for peace in Sudan and for students who are unable to contact their families as communication has been cut off. Pray for safety for students’ families.

Suraj Komaravalli

Suraj serves as Team Leader for CBM’s ministries in India, helping to develop integral mission strategies in CBM’s priority areas of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. He manages CBM’s field staff and church partnerships, and is engaged in a variety of ministries including children and youth at risk, food security and community development, leadership training, evangelism and church planting, as well as AIDS and health care initiatives. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as he and partners in India strive to achieve partner sustainability.  Please continue to pray for Suraj as he serves in ministry and endeavors to strengthen and grow the work in India.

World Day Against Child Labour

Every year on June 12, governments, employers, workers organizations, individuals and civil society come together to bring awareness on child labour and how the global community can help protect against all its forms. Today, approximately 152 million children are still subjected to child labour. Pray that this will cease and for every child to enjoy each one of his/her rights. Pray for CBM’s programs in the Dominican Republic, Lebanon, the Philippines and Bolivia that help protect kids from child labour and allow them to gain access to better opportunities.

Tim and Kallie Hutton

Tim and Kallie are CBM Global Field Staff and work with partners Bolivian Baptist Union (UBB) and its development arm, OBADES, to build and support effective programs and ministries. They are working to get churches involved with strategic community development projects as well as expanding the capacity of the seminary to train effective leaders. Another important focus is improving accessibility to theological resources and other vital information that can be challenging for Bolivians to access. Pray for the seminary as it explores new ways to provide theological education throughout Bolivia. Pray for the main campus and its three satellite extensions that are working to collaborate more through online resources. Please pray for our Latin American team’s retreat, which is taking place this following week. Pray that it would be a time of unity, inspiration, and vision casting.

Become a Virtual Farmer

BECOME A VIRTUAL FARMER For more than 30 years, Canadian farmers have been working to end global hunger through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Now, you can become a “farmer”, too! Help grow a crop by sponsoring an acre of land through the Grow Hope project.

Joe Bridi

Joe is CBM’s National Field Staff in Beirut, Lebanon, working with local partners to develop strategies for ministry and provide support to graduates of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) as they build ministries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Pray for Joe as he builds connections with the church in Sudan. Please give thanks for the new families from a Muslim background that have joined regular meetings supporting Syrian refugees. Pray for courage and boldness as he shares the Gospel with them and that God would raise up people from the group to be trained in home groups leadership.  

Patty Nacho

Patty is the CBM Global Discipleship Coordinator and National Field Staff for Bolivia. She works alongside Bolivian partners and churches, coordinates SENT teams and facilitates global discipleship experiences for Canadian churches. Pray for excellent health in the midst of a busy season and for spiritual wisdom and emotional strength as she attends to SENT team members. Pray for protection and guidance for her family in La Paz.  

Cheryl Bear

Dr. Cheryl Bear of the Nadleh Whut’en First Nation is a CBM Strategic Associate and serves as the Indigenous Relations Specialist. She provides leadership and education to Canadian Baptist churches seeking to be more engaged with First Nations communities. Please pray that Indigenous people on this land would stop being viewed through the lens of dangerous and demeaning stereotype; that there would be fairness in every story, with an opportunity for the Indigenous voice to be heard.