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She Matters

She Matters is a multi-year campaign for gender equity – to educate, equip and empower girls and women who have the potential to be the greatest influencers for change in their families and communities, through raising funds and awareness. By addressing social injustices like gender bias in education, equal opportunity for skills and job training, as well as enhanced learning and leadership opportunities to empower women leaders, we are helping transform her life and her family’s future through She Matters.

We are pleased to report that over $329,000 has been raised by you and the nearly 300 church champions of She Matters across Canada! Here are just a few highlights in this global campaign. (do we want a map to mark countries where projects supported? Or a list of projects and countries supported?)

André Sibomana

André Sibomana serves with CBM in Rwanda as Africa Deputy Team Leader. In this role, André works alongside CBM’s African church partners to determine and accomplish shared objectives, as well as provide support to the Africa Team Leaders by helping to coach and empower our Global Field Staff. He also supports Canadian church partnerships and facilitates SENT trips, which provide Canadians with hands-on global discipleship experiences. Please pray for wisdom and strength for André in his role. Also, keep his safety and health in your prayers as he travels throughout East Africa. Pray for André’s colleagues and staff as they implement their 2019 plans. Pray also for CBM partners in Africa, especially AEBR as they reform the organization’s structure. 

Kids Care

Kids Care Donations There are two youth teams from Eastern Canada going to El Salvador to build latrines. This will provide communities with safe places to go to the washroom and safer water. This year we are collecting money to help build latrines. At the end of each session we will give you one idea of how you can raise money. The money you raise will be used to help with the latrine building project. The cost of building one composting latrine is $750. Do you think your whole church could work together to raise enough money to build one? If your church or kids group raised funds to help build a latrine in El Salvador, you can use this form to safely and securely donate online.

Jonathan Wilson

Please pray for Jonathan as he plans his work and travel for the upcoming months. Pray that he will be able to carefully discern the places where he can best contribute and learn. 

Mozambique Relief

Cyclone Idai is continuing to cause devastation across southern Africa, with Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi badly affected. Most roads are cut off and the rain is continuing to fall. Further flooding is expected as dams upstream are reaching their capacity. The situation in Mozambique is predicted to get worse as the days progress. CBM partner, the Baptist Convention of Mozambique, has formed an emergency response team, but this magnitude is significantly beyond what they have responded to before. Please pray for the safety of the first responders on the scene and for the people of Mozambique to experience peace and safety during this distressing time. Pray also for the resources needed to be donated to cause. CBM, as a member of the Baptist Forum for Aid and Development (BFAD), is in contact with our global networks. If you want to donate you can do so by phone at 1-905-821-3533 or online by entering your amount below.

Working in India

Pradeep Babu Gara is CBM’s newest team member in India.  Pray for Pradeep as he meets with staff and familiarizes himself with CBM's work in India. Pray for travelling mercies as he travels to several projects across the country. Pray also for his health and safety as he fills this new and important role supporting CBM’s partners India and helps them realize success for their communities. 

Acadia’s New President

This week Acadia Divinity College (ADC) announced that the Reverend Dr. Anna M. Robbins has been named the 7th President of Acadia Divinity College and Dean of Theology of Acadia University. For two decades, Robbins has been a renowned speaker, leader, consultant, and teacher, who inspires initiative in ministry, innovation in theological education, and equips Christians to engage the world with curiosity and compassion.  She will begin her six-year term as president on July 1, 2019. Please pray for Rev. Dr. Robbins as she prepares to step into this leadership position. Pray for her to be blessed with wisdom and discernment as she leads students and staff at ADC. Many CBM pastors and staff in the CBM office are ADC grads and we wish Rev. Dr. Robbins all the best in her new endeavor.  

Joe Bridi

Serving in Lebanon Based in Beirut, Lebanon, Joe Bridi works with CBM’s local partners to develop strategies for ministry and provide support to graduates of Arab Baptist Theological Seminary who are launching ministries in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. He helps monitor and evaluate existing projects, and provides implementation and reporting support for specific initiatives. Born and raised in Lebanon, Joe has a background in the tech sector, but has felt a strong call to be in full-time ministry over the past several years.  He has a heart for people and serves Syrian refugees in his area by leading Bible studies and discipleship groups. Joe is married to Alexandra, who serves as the HR and Administration Manager at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary. They have two young boys, Jad and Rami. Latest Ministry Updates Support Joe

Prayers for the Bustins

Global Field Staff Darrell and Laura Lee Bustin have been serving in Rwanda since 2012 to work with CBM’s church partner, the Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda. Pray for the Bustins, as they have travel planned for much of the month ahead. Darrell will be travelling in Rwanda to conduct Family Ministry training. Later this month, the Bustins will be in Kenya teaching and preaching, and then participating in the Africa Leadership Exchange. Please pray for travelling mercies as they travel throughout East Africa. Pray also for wisdom and discernment while sharing the word and training others to do the same.

International Women’s Day

March 8, 2019 is International Women’s Day. The United Nations’ 2019 theme, Think equal, build smart, innovate for change, focuses on ways in which we can advance gender equity and the empowerment of women, particularly in the areas of social protection systems, access to public services and sustainable infrastructure. CBM's She Matters initiative continues to help empower women and girls all over the world. Please pray for CBM’s global gender initiatives. Pray also for improvement in the factors that cause gender inequity including extreme poverty, and discriminatory practices, and that as a result, women would be given a greater opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Tragedy in Halifax

Last week, a Syrian refugee family in Halifax lost their seven children in a tragic house fire. The Barho family was among 1,795 Syrian refugees who have come to Nova Scotia in recent years. Kawthar attended her childrens’ funeral last week along with 2,000 mourners who came out to show their support and grieve with the family. Ebraheim remains in the hospital recovering from extensive burns. Please pray for the Barhos amidst this tragedy. Pray for them to experience ongoing love and care from their community. Pray for the extended family members who are travelling to Canada to provide support during this difficult time.

Sharing the Gospel in Lebanon

Joe Bridi, Field Staff serving in Lebanon is requesting prayer for guidance and wisdom as he disciples a group of Syrian refugees. Some of them have already accepted Jesus as their Saviour and have been baptized, while others are still on their journey of discovery. Please pray for safety, courage and boldness for those who have already taken the step. Pray for God to open the hearts and minds of the rest of the group to the Gospel.

New Ministries in Uganda

Please continue to uphold Field Staff Gato Munyamosoko, his wife Anne Marie and their children in your prayers and he works to establish new ministries and partnerships in Uganda. Gato’s family is working through the transition of moving from Rwanda. Pray that their children can adjust to their new schools and community.  Please uphold CBM’s new partner, the Uganda Christian Lawyers Fraternity, in your ongoing prayers as Gato works alongside them in seeking justice for the vulnerable.