Bruno and Kathleen Soucy are CBM’s Latin America Team Leaders supporting field staff, church partners and programs in Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Cuba. They aim to develop sustainable growth and transformational impact in communities in Latin America through local churches. They also would like to see developing mission efforts and church engagement growth through SENT teams and local partnerships. Pray for partners in the Dominican Republic with bi vocational pastors, working mostly in impoverished rural areas, with a focus of caring for and mentoring vulnerable youth. Pray that the Soucys through CBM would be able to meet them where they are and be an encouragement. Pray for the work of ENLACE, CBM’s partner in El Salvador that is now working with 10 churches in Guatemala. ENLACE equips local churches to transform their communities. Pray for these churches  to be leaders in their communities and be a visible testimony of Jesus’ love. Pray for the Soucys as they maintain family relationships from afar.